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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
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And I'm just going to take it everywhere else but that so that way I won't do that. (Brad's?) at the bottom, can't go in but (it's?) kinda glad that it doesn't 'cause.because, I think, basically, once you tighten the top, the bottom (more than magically?) tightens too. and I tightened up to handle this as far as it could go. So now it's all straight and everything. I think next time I'm just gonna get a (telescopic cane?) with a nylon. in between 'cause I think that's the reason why it's doing what it's doing 'cause there's no nylon string. So. I'm gonna use. I'm gonna get that and use that as a back up. So instead of (mine 57 inches?), I'll get it 47 inches so I'm gonna do that. After the new year. So yup, can anyone tell me. I don't think the same thing will happen. You know, 'cause I was like something to hold, is that right?

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