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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Mon Dec 27 04:51:32 UTC 2010

Hey, this is Tanya.  I just want everyone to know what I got for Christmas.  I got a Series Satellite Radio from my husband, Greg, and that's gonna be hooked up tomorrow and I'm really excited 'coz there's a lot of stuff on it, so he's gonna find the best package, the cheapest package if there is one and well, let me see.  I got some... I got hat and gloves.  I got candy, I got... does anybody remember those little shots of airplane bottles?  Does anyone remember those?  And, let me see, I got some flavored cappuccino.  I got a cushion for the couch.  I got a Miami Dolphin signature sweatshirt with the logo on it and everything and, by the way, they lost.  I don't wanna hear about it in case anyone mentions it ha ha ha 'coz I'm a big Miami Dolphin fan.  I got some stone coasters.  Oh, let me see.  I got some deodorant, lotion and... oh, let me see.  A lot of stuff, so anyway, that's just some of the stuff I got.  So, anyway, I'll speak to all of you later.

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