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Board Meeting

January 7, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes Call to order at 8-30 p.m. by 
President Larry Posont.  There was a quorum

Motion--Marcus Simmons moved Dave Robinson seconded secretary's report as 
sent to Nfbmi list.

Motion--Treasurer's report Peter Zaremba. Bills from last year were paid. 
About $2400 in treasury. Funds received from Drier foundation. Funds 
received from state for Newsline. Discussion--Collecting remaining Braille 
coin money and selling unsold coins. Discussion--Meeting January 23 possibly 
at state Library for vendors, seniors and students. Meeting titled Michigan 
Issues and Answers The only cost will be around 400 for lunch. Morning, 
9-12, focuses on federation advocacy. After lunch, break off into the 
separate vendor, senior and student groups. Looking for us to help with 
vendors crisis. Discussion--College Policy. All day meeting on January 29 to 
solve college policy for students. NFB of Michigan supports creating a new 
policy since the current one does not meet with our criteria.

 Discussion Washington Seminar 7 people attending, including two for the 
first time. All attending will split the cost for rooms on January 31/. 
Melinda Latham obtained $5000 from the Trust Fund of the Michigan School for 
the Blind to take 6 kids and 2 chaperones to Washington Seminar. Anyone 
attending Washington Seminar should be ready to give a report to their 

Discussion The NFB state Board Meeting--Will be held on February 20, 2010 in 
the Lake Superior room at 10 a.m. in the state Library building. Andrea 
Nelson will provide several choices for lunch. $5 per person will be charged 
and the affiliate will pay the extra. Water, coffee and other basics will be 
provided. Larry Posont had a discussion with the chair of the Commission for 
the Blind Bep Jo Ann Pilarski. We will help when we see advocacy for blind 
people in our state.

Discussion--public comments in Commission Meetings. We should have 4 
opportunities for public comment. One each at the beginning of the morning 
and afternoon for comments about agenda items only and One each at the end 
of morning and afternoon meetings for general comments. Jo Ann Pilarski is 
in favor of three opportunities for public comments.

Discussion--Merging agencies. Documentation is on website about merging 
agencies. A joint letter written and signed by NFB and ACB in 2003 states 
that we are not in favor of merging blindness agencies. The current ACB 
president agrees with this letter but is going to check with his board.  The 
governor has no intention of merging agencies.

Discussion--State Convention three possible hotels Kalamazoo costs $99 per 
room per night.  Dearborn costs $85 per room per night. We are leaning 
toward Dearborn, as we think rates can be negotiate down. Plus there are 
choices of restaurants in the parking lot of the hotel. Pontiac was 
mentioned but the rates are high and the food was bad. A senior seminar is 
planned for Friday of convention week end. This could potentially generate 
100 more convention attendees.

Discussion--Legislative Breakfast scheduled for March 4, 2010. This will be 
located in the north Corridor Rotunda of the House from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 10 
to 11 is available for us to have speakers.   Food will be provided by blind 
vendor in Capitol Building. Dave Robinson will give Peter Zaremba estimated 
amount of cost. The two or three issues to be presented to our legislators 
are still being formulated.

Committee report-The fund raising committee is planning to meet with the 
coffee sellers.

Website Committee--documents went up on website about agency merger. 
Resolutions are also up on the website. Work on rebuilding board information 
on website.

More information about the Lansing Chapter Theater Project will be 
forthcoming in future board meetings.

Marcus Simmons has a rough draft of a media release about blindness issues 
which will be worked on with Larry Posont and presented at a future board 
meeting. All Michigan Federationists are encouraged to help develop a media 
contact list.

Membership Committee Wilcoxes are eager to start the Ann Arbor chapter.

next board meeting January 21 at 8-30.

Adjourn at 9-44.

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