[nfbmi-talk] Matter of Oppinion

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Well, in my opinion, I don't announce my blindness. Well I do announce my blindness over the phone, but in person, do I announce it? No. Now I announce it over the phone because obviously that's a way so people can know what you want. You know, and it's basically who you are, but I am much more than that. I am a house wife, I am a Mom, and I am a all around good person. You know? And frankly I don't care if I'm blind or not, because that doesn't define me.

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> Hi larry,
> your comments are right on.  I do not announce my blindness on the cover
> letter, though I do include my Federation accomplishments on my resume.  I
> do not want to let some screener's prejudices get between me and an
> interview.  I, as you have expressed, have my reasons ready if the topic
> arises, though it never has.  The woman in the commentary was a wacko.  I
> feel no obligation to warn people of my blindness any more than a black
> person or a woman or a short person or a person with red hair needs to feel
> an obligation to declare their characteristics.  How about those hidden
> disabilities, either inherited or self-inflicted?  Does the heroine addict
> declare their addiction to their interviewer?  My blindness is far less
> debilitting than addiction, yet it would most certainly rule me out of some
> or many interviews.
> Warm Regards,
> Fred
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> I do wonder about folks who do practice to decieve.  In your message Joe,
> the woman had no disability and therefor shouldn't be so raving mad.  If it
> was a job for her and her wheelchair husband couldn't come visit, well,
> that's her probblem!  My wife uses a chair and my daughter is deaf.  But if
> it means making money, well, maybe they shouldn't be able to come to the job
> sitee!  However, if I did get the job that doesn't mean that I wouldn't work
> for accessibility within the job site.  Also, I don't believe that I should
> hide the fact that I am blind but sometimes if I think it won't get me in
> the door I don't mention it.  Two quick examples of this were at Eastern
> Michigan University.  I took a lot of biology classes there with labs
> included.  My practice was to sign up for the classes and then try to meet
> with the proffessor before attending.  When I took embryology, I did this
> and my proffessor let me in.  He was very scepitcal but he let me in anyway.
> I did very well and was invited to take his masters level course.  So, I did
> it again!  I signed up for an entomology class.  I met with the instructor
> and he told me there was no way!  I was horrified!  "Well, I talked with him
> and it would have been very difficult.  Sence a lot of the work used a
> microscope.  I had used those things with an assistant before but I had
> models and such that I could also have used in those classes.  I did aggree
> not to take the class becaus of the extreme difficulty but the proffessor
> actually did know me and knew I was capable of many things.  He felt that
> sence a lot of the work was independent, I couldn't do it.  I did tell him
> it was possible but I opted to take that masters level developmental biology
> course instead.  I did very well in that thing as well!  I guess the point
> is that everyone is different and that if you apply for a job or anything
> else with a hidden agenda, don't be surprised if it gets called out.  And if
> it does you should be able to explain yourself.  
> Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!
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