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Hi larry,

The points you raise arerelevent.  In "handicap or characteristic", Dr
jernigan clearly states ther are 2 opposing and conflicting views of
rehabilitation. One is a paternalistic negative view that the professional
is in a quasi-caretaker role, while the other is that the professional is an
equal who has a role to assist or, maybe, coach to believe in each client to
encourage and be a role model.  This is a big difference.

I really like the feeling that Cheryl conveyed about a new generation of
rehab counselor.  I sure hope so.michigan State is usually more progressive
than other schools.

warmest regards,


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Cheryl, I think that the way the state runs there buisness is part of the
probblem.  The best counsellors are retired early so that they can bring in
new ones that they don't have to pay as much.  Also, it seems that
counsellors are getting more clients and are able to provide fewer services.
Finally, I believe in the basic masters level training classes for
counsellors the trend is to become less personal with your clients.  These
basic classes are intended to teach counselling but also teaching how to
stay out of trouble.  For instance law suitss.  In short, the focus seems to
be patch the probblem with the client because you may not always be working
with them and if you say something accedently offensive even if it is
useful, you could get sued.
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