[nfbmi-talk] Mobility Training

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Fri Apr 15 22:55:12 UTC 2011

Christy, you are so right!  I use a cane now sometimes.  Currently, I use a dog most of the time.  This is not because I can't use a can however.  I use one quite well but the modes of travel are both different.  I use a dog simply because I like them and I figure that if I am going to have one anyway, Well actually two but the other is a pet, she might as well work for that food!  I am becoming convinced that many folks think that they can iether choose the cane or the dog.  I believe that the cane is a must and every blind person should be using the thing!  The dog should be considered as a secondary choice to be used as much as possible but not exclussively.  Sometimes it gets too hot, cold, icy, or wet to make it practical for the dog. Then, out comes the cane!  I recently told someone who is considering a dog that she should not do it.  This was because she doesn't know how to get around with her cane.  In fact even though she is blind, I have only seen her with a cane once and that was for cane training!  Although I love dog travel, I am not bound by it.  I own several canes both straight and folding.  I still use them often but because I prefer to walk fast, the dog does that well!  
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