[nfbmi-talk] Concerning My Last Post

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Wed Apr 27 15:27:26 UTC 2011

The story I mentioned does not concern blindness at all but rather the way we could become dependent on technology.  It is "The Last Answer" by Isaac Asimov and can be found in "Nine Tomorrows and a couple more of his anthologies.  The basic idea is that we become so independent on our computers and calculators that we loose the ability to think or write without them.  As a result, some kids rediscover writing and can do secret things with it.  Of course, that's why we are forced to keep up are braille reading and writing skills.  I believe that the ability to write braille should maybe have even more attention paid to it than the reading of it.  I do know some folks who can read braille but can't write it because the computer can do it now.  What if you're power goes out!  I guess you're4 brain could go out as well!  
Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!

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