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The following is a description of a digital TV radio that Richard Oehm, of
Optacon repair fame, is able to produce and sell.  It costs $165 plus $17
shipping.  If you're interested in purchasing this device, please contact
Richard directly; his contact info is at the bottom of this e-mail.



The DTV radio I can offer to you is a modified version of what we sell to
reader services that utilize one of the "alternate audio" channels on a
(off air) digital TV channel to carry their broadcasts.  This radio is
fairly easy for a blind person to use, and the users instructions will come
in Braille or as an audio presentation on a compact disk.  The radio doesn't

have speech output, but its operation is fairly intuitive.  


The radio is housed in a small wooden cabinet with its own speaker.  There
are rear panel stereo RCA type audio output jacks on this radio, that allow
you to connect this radio to your hi fi audio system.  The radio tunes all
off air digital television channels from channel #2 to channel #69. This is
a digital TV 
receiver capable of decoding all ATSC formatted broadcasts.  This radio will
not receive any analog TV broadcasts if there are still any of these
available in your area.  Additionally, this radio will not receive most of
the TV channels carried by your cable company.  The radio has its own
telescoping whip antenna for receiving DTV channels within approximately
twenty to thirty miles from you.  You can also disconnect this built in
antenna and use a superior indoor or outdoor tv antenna for better reception
of distant broadcast TV signals. A front panel keypad allows you to set up
this radio for reception of digital TV channels in your area.  This front 
panel keypad also allows you to select and listen too, any of the available
tv channels and alternate audio programs available at your location.  The
radio operates from standard 120 volt AC power outlets.  The radio cabinet
measures eight inches high, twelve inches wide, and four inches deep. These 
dimmensions asume that the telescoping whip antenna is in its fully
collapsed position.  The radio comes with a two year parts and labor
warranty.  The price for this radio is $165.00 each.  This price doesn't 
include shipping charges.  If you're interested in purchasing one or more of

these radios, let me know.  It can sometimes take us approximately fifteen
to thirty days to deliver one of these radios.

Very Best Regards,

Richard Oehm

Richard Oehm    E-mail: oehmelec at comcast.net


Lansing, MI

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