[nfbmi-talk] If you Had 20 million Dollars, What Would You Do To help blind People Get a Job?

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Mon Feb 28 11:59:49 UTC 2011

Second point here Fred. That would be to re-instate as positive and 
qualified role models those blind personnell who were stripped of their 
employment within MCB in arbitrary, capricious manners that were clearly 
without cause and, in effect purely discriminatory. MCB cannot send a 
message to the private sector or other governmental agencies thaqt blind 
folks can and do work successfully when it does these things to its own 
blind employees, again who are qualified and who have demonstrated more than 

Moreover, MCB should once and for all end its practice of installing 
unqualified, sighted operators, even as temporaries in the BEP program.

Both of these ludicrous issues send exactly the opposite message that MCB 
should be sending, and it isn't with just words either, but rather, very 
negative actions.



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> hello,
> There is a MCB meeting com9ing up march 18.  What would happen if we all
> showed up and gave our ideas of ways to spend $20 million, the Commission
> Budget, to help blind people go to work.  If you live in Detroit or
> kalamazoo, or Traverse City or Allpena or Ishpeming, what would you do? 
> if
> you had 100 people on your staff what would you have them do?  Where would
> you send them.  What would you have them say to blind people?
> Just think of it.  $20 million dollars.  To me, that is a lot of money. 
> 100
> people or so, that is a large staff.  The possibilities seem very bigg. 
> If
> those 100 people called 1 employer a week and asked if they were willing 
> to
> hire a blind person, how many job openings could we find?  If we created a
> competition to create an accessible way to use Facebook with a chas prize
> and publicity how much would that help blind people find work?
> If we turned counselors into mentors what difference would that make. 
> What
> would happen if we had brainstorming groups meet around the state to think
> up ideas of ways to make their communities more accessible what woudld
> happen to those communities?  What if the Commission actually collaborated
> with consumer groups to solve problems slowing down blind people from
> getting good jobs?
> I encourage you to put march 18 on your calendars and go to lansing to the
> ottawa building at pine and ottawa to use your public comment to let the
> Coommission how you think $20 million dollars could help blind people in
> Michigan.  This is a lot of money, despite the constant complaining that
> MCB- is broke.  it is not broke, it has 20 million dollars generously
> appropriated by congres and the Michigan legislature to help blind people 
> go
> to work.  We can make a difference.
> Warmest Regards,
> Fred
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