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Hey Larry, it's me, Tanya. I saw the inauguration on TV on channel 4. It was about a half hour and they named all of the officers and the justices of the court and everything. I didn't hear anything about any mention on TV about this.

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> Good Morning Everyone,
>      As you all know we had a new governor sworn in Saturday.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the Business Enterprise Program and for that matter the entire blind community was very well represented.  Entrepreneur  Mark Rothenhouser, the owner of Snack Trail, the snack bar located in the state capital building, stood tall for all of us!  He graciously and generously provide over 500 steaming hot cups of hot cocoa to the large and jubilant crowd.  Not only did he provide this service for free, he did so in the names of all BEP operators, welcoming our new governor(see attachment).   In fact as we stood in line waiting to meet the new governor Mark was so humble he wouldn't even share his great broacher with anyone(see attachments) so others had to pass it out for him, which we did, over 100 of them.  In fact the governor himself was given one and was very impressed.  As we approached the governor he was told that Mark had provided the free hot chocolate and was part of the BEP, witch the governor had heard of.  The new governor very graciously gave Mark an extra minute to thank him personally for his nice gesture and even then Mark said it was from all of us not just himself.   The Governor promised to stop in and buy some  of Michigan's own delicious Lelanau coffee and to take advantage of Mark's buy 5 and get one free deal, it seems it is his favorite brand.  
>     So I just wanted everyone to know that the BEP is defiantly starting off on the right foot with this new administration, thanks solely and completely to Mark Rothenhouser.  Who took it upon himself to do this for all of us and expected nothing in return, but believe me his generosity was very well noticed and appreciated.  Mark hit the nail on the head when he said on his signs 'Where The Blind Get it Done', thanks Mark for getting it done, for all of us!!
> Happy New Year All and Best Wishes
> Bill Lozier
> BEP Operator
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