[nfbmi-talk] Washington Seminar Update

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Thu Jan 6 23:48:11 CST 2011

Hi J.J.,

I am afraid I didn't make the meeting either. Things have been crazy around 

Thanks for all your hard work with Washington Seminar. I haven't been--well 
it was before 9/11. I have been quite a number of times years ago. I used to 
save the letter from year to year and just  change what I needed to change. 
Back then we emailed them but I know things are different now. I am sure 
your letter is fine.

Perhaps you and others know this--but anyway you  can ask for print copies 
of A state Guide to State Government or a title similar to that.

Your state rep has them and also in Braille. I need to get a Braille one. 
Once they even dropped it by my house. I have to get to know this new state 
rep in Lansing.

At any rate, this guide also has the Washington  reps and senators, phones 
and addresses for those of us who want a hard copy of this guide.
Boy have the rooms went  up but I like that Holiday Inn. Do you still get a 
coupon for ice cream sundaes?  Well, hopefully you have some sort of perk.

We used to get to the Rayburn office building to get the hot corn bread 
sold in the morning in the cafeteria. Once a bunch of us were walking 
somewhere in the tunnels-- and Dr. Nemeth. He was the only one that figured 
out we were  walking the wrong way. We had to retrace our steps and the day 
before I had fallen down the steps in the hotel and sprain my ankle. It 
really hurt since I had injured it before. Well,  I went anyway. I knew my 
ankle would just stiffen up more if I didn't walk on it. -it was a long 

My cane skills were  not too good.

Before 9/11 sometimes weird looking characters would hang out after offices 
closed--the day  sort of near the doors of the  Rayburn building. Being from 
a small town, I was sort of leery  and I would hang out if by myself and 
walk out with another woman so I wouldn't be alone. We us seemed to always 
have a nice time and sometimes we even had time to sightsee which wasn't too 
often. We did hit the gift stores in the senate building and the one at the 
Space Center. I normally went on the trip to Baltimore because at the time 
they were making many changes to the  complex there and I always enjoyed 
seeing many of the staff.

I just hope your weather is good there.  When it snowed  when I was there 
you just had to jump over drifts if you did some walking or even when 
getting out of cabs to go out to eat.
I think Washington Seminar is the best experience a person can have with the 
NFB.  Those that know a lot of other people normally introduce the new guys 
to others and I enjoyed meeting people from all over. It would take me a 
long time for me to describe all my experiences. I am sure others have done 
many things more notable but at any rate; it is really a  learning 
experience, fun and in  the case of the person who sends the letters, makes 
the appointments--a lot of work that can be fun also.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

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> Hello. It's my understanding there was some questions on Washington 
> Seminar on the conference call. I'm away on business so wasn't able to 
> call in. Here's what I know.
> I reserved a male room for seminar. I did not get a female room due to 
> their being only one interested person, who has now made their own 
> arrangements. We could probably still get another room or modify this 
> registration if there was late interest. This does not count the youth 
> which I am not in control of. Rooms are for three nights, Sunday through 
> Tuesday.
> If anyone still wishes to go and would like help securing transportation, 
> I would be happy to research plane/train/bus/horse-drawn carriage tickets.
> I plan to start on appointments this week. I'm trying to hold out until we 
> get the list of issues, but can only wait so long as I'd like to make 
> initial contacts soon. If anyone wants to help in drafting the letters we 
> fax over to the representatives, please let me know. I do have the letters 
> from last year, though the issues will have changed.
> Please feel free to Email me at jj at bestmidi.com with any questions. If 
> you'd like to talk to me over the phone, you can leave me your phone 
> number and I can call back, or have someone send or text me your phone 
> number.
> Please note I am out of town until Sunday.
> Thanks again.
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