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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Tue Jan 11 08:16:18 CST 2011

Hi, Joe. This is Tanya. You know actually I did two (auto?) review what is going on and about the two rooms. Well, that's a good idea to have two rooms you know, and to have. And and whoever is not a member of they still wanna come to contribute that's a good idea. Now, my first start was man having two rooms. That's stupid, you know? But you know what, the more I thought about it I thought to myself you know that's what we did when I was in an organization with a. 2 rooms. But they were joining. One room for man and one room for woman, you know, and that's what we did. You know, so, and then we. And then that was being paid for by. By the board and what not. So, you know, yeah, but then again we didn't invite any outside members because they, because it was strictly for. You mistook before our organization, and you know. So, that kind of thing. So, but we did have separate events that we would. Legend new members and you know, stuff like that but that was ant any different time. There was no room that was just for an activity. So, you know, that might be another option that might be

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