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Subject: Agenda - EOC AdHoc Committee

Agenda - EOC AdHoc Committee


Date: January 26, 2011

Time: 9:00-3:00

Location:  Conference Room A-B, 3rd floor of the Victor Office Center

Conference Call Number: The call in number is 877/873.8017 and the passcode is 9806128



  1.. Better understanding and definition of the Roles of EOC, Agency and Operator
  2.. Review the Status and Priorities of Issues
  3.. Identify Any Action Items
  4.. Identify any Key Messages from the Meeting
  5.. Determine Frequency of meeting and next meeting date 
  6.. Maintain the Principles of Dialogue




9:00    Welcome & Introductions


9:20    Role of Facilitator


9:30    Review the Issues identified by the July 21, 2010 EOC AdHoc Committee

o       Identify Issues that have moved forward or have been addressed.

o       Identify Key Messages to sent to the EOC on those issues

o       Determine if the priority of issues  remains valid 

o       Identify any Action Items


11:00  Review and Finalize the Role of the Elected Operators Committee


11:30  Lunch


12:30  Define the Role of the Agency

-If Time allows begin discussion on the Role of the Operator


2:15    Final Check In


2:30    Meeting Schedule

  a.. How often we want this group to meet
  a.. Proposed Meeting Dates  (James was to identify some dates at the end of February)

2:45    Key Messages we want to report to the EOC


3:00    Adjourn




  1.. Define the Role of the Operator
  2.. Discuss perceptions of the interaction of commissioners with Operators. 
  3.. What is the perception of the commission and PA260 

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