[nfbmi-talk] Bridgewalk Update

melinda latham youthslammi at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 14:34:36 UTC 2012

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT"S AUGUST 1st and there are 29 days until the most hype youth outreach even in h world takes place.  Wow, a hug thank you to Fred who spent a huge part of his evning planning with me.  I think he'd be in agreement with the statement that this is about to be so much fun.  OH my goodness.  I can honestly say if you miss this weekend your gonna miss history ya'll.
 So  ant to undate you on afew hings and gve you a sneak peak at programming for  the weekend.
I'll start with the sneak peak.  So a breif outline of the weekend
Thursday: Kickoff in Lansing,  Lunch on the road,  campa activites,  and an extreme game night.  
Frday,   Dune climb and Lake Michigan and Bon fire back at came
Saturday:  Camp activities in the AM and shoppingfor youth and wine trip for adult in the PM.  THe evening activiy will be a Dance Pary.  
Sunday      Canoe Trip in the Am and Breakout sessions inthe PM.  A talent show in the evening.   
Monday Bridge WAalk
There will be some crazy games, challenges. bonding experiences and lots of swimming.   
PLEASE, if you are planning on attending let me know ASAP.  I MUST HAVE YOUR MONEY NO LATER THAN AUGUST 25.2012.   
Also, one thig i did neglect to mention is that you are responsible for purchasing your meals on the way up and back.  I would say anyway from $20-$30 should cover that.   I'm thinking most likey we will stop at last food place.  

I'm still looking for adults to run activities.   Thanks to thouse who have already volunteered.  

Also, if youth are needing assistance Please Contgact Amy Shepard, SHe as President of MPVI has offereed to help.  Her number is 7340915-5138 or amyshepard at mpvi.org.  THank you so much Amy for your support.  

I think that might cover it for now.   

Remember, AUGUST 25tn MONEY has to be turned in to me.   IF you need my address please send me an emai or call.

Let me let you know if you miss this weekend you will have missed it.



Youth Outreach Coordinator, NFB of MI 

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