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Hello Fred,

As an item directly related to the business of our state affiliate, I do not 
see how my message is inappropriate for our email list. I posted it to the 
email list as a means of keeping our organization open and transparent. I 
have posted messages similar to this one in the past without receiving any 
negative comments about them either on or off list. If there has never been 
a problem about them in the past, then I fail to see why there would be a 
problem with them now. As stated in the conference call last night, I cannot 
make any official additions or corrections to the minutes since I am not a 
member of the board.

Warm regards,
Elizabeth  .

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> Hello Elizabeth,
> I think you must have meant to respond directly to Terri.  Changes in the
> minutes can be dealt with with Terri, directly, or most appropriately
> following the reading of the minutes when there is a call for "additions 
> or
> corrections" during the meeting. This will keep our listeasier to read and
> manage.
> Warmest Regards,
> Fred
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> Hello Terri,
> Thank you for sending out these minutes. They are well written. However, 
> was
> there not some kind of discussion related to the minutes during the last
> conference call? I believe I joined the conference call just as this
> discussion was ending, and was waiting for the minutes to come out to see
> what this discussion was all about. If there was any discussion regarding
> the minutes, I would greatly appreciate seeing this discussion reflected 
> in
> these minutes.
> Thanks,
> Elizabeth
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> Subject: [nfbmi-talk] Minutes, June 7, 2012
>> Minutes, June 7, 2012 8:30 P.M.
>> Secretary's Report, Terri Wilcox. Mary Wurtzel moved to accept the
>> Secretary's Report. Mike Powell seconded the motion. The motion passed.
>> Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel. $122,669.77 was the current balance
>> before money was sent to the National Office. $2,000 is available for
>> the Youth for the Bridge Walk. Thirteen people signed up for vouchers.
>> $57,507.02 has been sent to the National Office. Our current balance
>> is $65,162.75. The current balance without the youth money is $63,162.75.
>> Mike Powell made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report. Terri
>> Wilcox seconded the motion. The Treasurer's Report was adopted.
>> Quorum yes Larry Posont, Mike Powell, Terri Wilcox, Mary Wurtzel, Nick
>> Wilcox Sarah Norwood and Dave Robinson
>> Introduction of participating Members
>> President's Report, Larry Posont. The Agenda has been released for
>> National Convention.
>> Fair Wages for People with Disabilities Legislation, H.R. 3086.
>> McCotter, and Fred Upton? Follow Up? McCotter is a lame duck. It might
>> be difficult to get Fred Upton to sponsor H.R. 3086 because of
>> sheltered shops in Kalamazoo. The National office has issued a boycott
>> of Goodwill Industries.
>> Newsline, If the Commission for the Blind moves to the Department of
>> Human Services, we will receive funding for Newsline. The Commission
>> for the Blind will give Newsline another $20,000. The Commission for
>> the blind brought 8 million dollars forward from last year. Their is
>> plenty of money. There is a new number for Newsline plus the National
>> Federation of the Blind number.
>> Commission for the Blind Board Meeting, June 15. There was much
>> speculation concerning the new Executive Order.
>> Consumer Organizations Report to the Commission Board, June 15.
>> 2:00 to 3:30. Mike Powell will prepare the National Federation of the
>> Blind Presentation. Mike Powell, Dave Robinson and Fred Wurtzel will
>> present our Resolutions that still need action from the Commission
>> Board and  dialog with the Board. They will also discuss the new
>> Executive Order. Release a press release regarding accessibility of
>> state buildings and information. All meetings must be accessible 
>> according
> to the ADA.
>> Consumer Involvement Items on the Commission Board Agenda. The first
>> State Plan meeting is changed. The Executive Order is still prolonged.
>> Approval is not available for the use of federal money for the
>> separation of the Randolph Sheppard Program from the rest of the
> Commission for the Blind.
>> Sheltered Workshops have large endowments. There is concern about
>> changing the Commission structure after the election in November.
>> Detroit Department of Transportation. An individual from the Detroit
>> Department of Transportation will be at the Commission Board Meeting
>> for a half hour to answer questions. Clients from Detroit need to send
>> emails about what they need to individuals in management at the
>> Commission for the Blind.
>> National Convention Financial Aid Update, Mary Wurtzel. The thirteen
>> people who requested money should get it at National Convention.
>> People who received assistance must work at the Michigan Exhibit table
>> and attend the Banquet at Convention.
>> Airplane Auction Update. The tickets were sold to Dave and Mary Ann
>> Robinson and J.J. Meddaugh. The money goes to the Youth Outreach Program.
>> The Student Division will raffle off an i-pod Touch or Apple gift card.
>> The Michigan Caucus at the 2012 National Convention in Dallas is
>> Saturday, June 30, from 9:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. in the Lalique room in
>> the Atrium Mezzanine.
>> National Convention Items for Sale, Dave Robinson. Sarah Norwood and
>> Dave Robinson will conduct the Banquet Ticket exchange. Volunteers are
>> needed for the Michigan Exhibit Table and for the Independence Market.
>> Coffee prices might need to be raised because of rising costs.
>> Check to see if we can sell bouquets of balloons to State Affiliates
>> for Banquet tables, Dave Robinson.
>> Quarterly Board Meeting, Doubletree Hotel, August 25.
>> The Western Wayne County Fund Raiser after the Board Meeting is steaks
>> at Larry Posont's house. Contact him for details. The price is $10 if
>> paid to Larry Posont before August 1. The price goes up to $12 if paid
>> after August 1.
>> State Convention, Doubletree Hotel October 19-21. The Doubletree Hotel
>> will cost $89.00 per night plus tax. Someone must determine if
>> Doubletree will handle Preregistration. Agenda items are needed for State
> Convention.
>> Dave Robinson, Mary Wurtzel, and Mike Powell are on the 2012 State
>> Convention Committee. The Theme is Taking Charge of their own Destiny.
>> A Senior event is suggested. An accessible voting machine might be
>> present at Convention. Papal and Amazon Payments are two options for
>> prepaying registration. Kim Mohnke will create the flyer. She wants
>> the theme and registration dates. Mike Ellis, Kandi Jelinski and Mary
>> Wurtzel are on a committee to investigate and schedule the 2013 State
>> Convention. Traverse City would like us to have the State Convention
>> at the Grand Traverse Resort.
>> The White Cane lists are still being sorted. Jordyn Castor wants to
>> call new students on the White Cane lists. Kandi Jelinski wants to
>> call new perspective Chapter at Large Members.
>> Summer Camps, Fred Wurtzel. Let Fred Wurtzel or Terri Wilcox know if
>> you want to volunteer for Braille, or Science camps. Braille Camp is
>> July 15-21. Science Camp, is July 21-28. The talking Lab Quest
>> equipment arrived.
>> New Business: There may be a Board Meeting on June 21 run by Mike Powell.
>> Larry Posont will be out of town.
>> Old Business: Are chapters going to donate money for funds for
>> National Convention?
>> Dave Robinson moved to Adjourn at 9:51.
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