[nfbmi-talk] A quick note about tonight's board meeting.

Kevin Reeves lists at kevinreeves.net
Thu Aug 2 22:36:45 UTC 2012

Hey folks. I will not be able to attend tonight as I have to work.

However, if we can put on the agenda that I'm still looking for at least 1 person in each chapter to come forward and be trained on how to update their personal website.

Regarding the bridge walk registration, I'm finishing up the page with the form for folks to register. Right now, folks will be able to pay via paypal. I'm also looking into an option that will allow us to take cards right from our site. This way, registration for bridge walk and state convention will have multiple payment options. If you have any further questions about any of this, please let me know. my personal email is me at kevinreeves.net.

Thanks so much.


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