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Georgia Kitchen ghkitchen at comcast.net
Sat Aug 4 06:37:37 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I guess I am sort of tired, please note the time. 

Baltimore is  doing quite well with Newsline. I am so happy with the new feattures of global search, my newspaper (a way of customizing by section what you want to read under this section under your favorites).

Basically, we owe Baltimore for Newsline around $80 grand a year. They don't charge us extra when they add magazines, papers from other states, national and international papers ettc. We do have to pay extra if we want to add a new paper--that is come up with the money from grants etc. 
Without a full time assistant, NFBNewsline is the best research helper i have when it comes to the latest in a wide variety of up to date issues, topics, tech, the arts etc.

Some of us do ok with the computer and can access most sites. I believe it  would be very difficult for most  low vision, blind etc. to a afford all these publications. Has anyone checked out science times? 

I am very interested in stem cell progress  in general and thanks to the global search read a great article on stem cells as they relate to orthopedic problems. 

I know many of us refer to the blind population as blind but when my friend who is a retired teacher tried to sell newsline to  an elderly person she mentioned the word blind and the person who was very advanced in age said she was not blind even though legally she was. I believe we have to tread slowly on this issue. If we can get them reading again, get to know them and then we can  gain their trust. Then we will be in a better position to communicate about why we say "blind" so freely. 
Yes, it is respectful to be blind. 



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