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Georgia Kitchen ghkitchen at comcast.net
Sat Aug 4 07:10:09 UTC 2012


The NFB in the past has utilized both volunteer and paid interpreters. 

Many  years ago in Flint, thanks to a prof at MCC LindaLee Masoud, we had   volunteer interpreters at the  local chapter meetings.

The policy of the colleges has changed and  any volunteers  must be supervised by a certified asl interpreter.  

It was very expensive for the NFB of MI to provide this service at convention. I cannot remember the cost but it is very high.
I cannot speak for the board on this issue. I am only relating what went on in the past.
If the deaf  blind person can use a braille device many of our own memberrs can volunteer.

That is my 2  cents.

I feel bad about this young child not having a Girl Scout Troop. I believe it was perhaps something the local office should have assisted with. 

I have been taking a clay class for quite  a while now. i do get some help. However, the teacher cannot spend all her time with me.

An art  teacher in the class worked with me on making these tiles with raised figure of a cat you could feel. She had made the plaster of paris molds ahead of time and had to hand carve out from the plaster what she wanted raised on the clay.  It is not the easiest thing getting the tiles to come out correctly. If you are not careful you will get these double images. They tell me they don't look that cool like that.

I have thought to  ask the director for someone to help me with the wheel. However, I am not real crazy about doing that. i just don't have the patience. I have 4 pots I have made by hand. They arre the kind for plants. I meant to do a little gardening. So far, the only living thing that has been in 3 of them has been my cat. 
I also have made some bowls out of slabs. My work is not juried quality I  am afraid. I do have a good ime in the class. I learned that I like working with clay when I was down at MCBTC. I waited about 15 years before I got up the courage to take these classes.

Speaking of accomodations, I have just joined fitness Planet.  I am still going. Every once in a while, I  get  some employee that offfers to help me and then they ask where my care giver is. I think next time, I will just tell them I don't need any help. 

Actually, the only help I need is setting the cardio machines because the machines have flat panels.

I think such a big chain would be a task for the  recreational  division to take on if they were ever interested.  They will eventually replace these machines and it would be helpful if they talked etc.
I noticed that when the manager is there,  employees are walking about and will offer to help. Otherwise, it is my observation that I hear them all talking up in front.

The machines there are ok. We have other fitness places here that are great but they are much more  expensive.


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