[nfbmi-talk] reiterated request nfb mi and public information

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Sat Aug 4 22:02:10 UTC 2012

July 25 2012 Request NFB Mi


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr

Joeharcz at comcast.net


Request Public Information Including all Related to NFB MI OMA Case


To members of the Board of the National federation of the Blind of Michigan

Via E-mail




The national Federation of the Blind of Michigan entered in to a lawsuit against the Michigan commission for the blind Board for its violations of the Michigan Open Meetings Act. It used about $5,000 of resources of the NFB MI in these pursuits. It obtained an approximate number of 2,000 emails in these regards.


It then suspended suit.


Now the e-mails in accessible form are in the hands of one Fred Wertzel which document all kinds of violations of law and equity purchased once again by NFB MI.


These are assets of the NFB MI and show undoubtedly all kinds of violations.


They need to be made available to me and to the public (on our web site or on a file server or by other means).


They are not the personal property of Fred Wertzel. They are public records.


I, for one want them.


I am a dues paying member of the NFB MI. I am a blind member of the public who has the right to these records. 


I want them. Period or access to them.




Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.


Cc: Members Board of Directors, NFB MI

Cc: Members NFB MI through Its List serve


Cc: several attorneys at law

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