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This  sounds like a great show to watch.

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  Greetings to all!
  The following information is provided for your interest in the next interviews conducted on Thru Our Eyes.
  First, a note for the interview scheduled for Wednesday, August 15 at 8:00 pm eastern.
  Host Joe Ruffalo will interview Anil Lewis, Director of Strategic Communications at the National Federation of the Blind, Baltimore, Maryland.
  Highlights will include on the progress of HR 3086, The Fair Wages For Workers With Disabilities,The plans to take the issue to the streets, to feature the partnerships with numerous disability groups, to secure passing of the bill and much more.
  Please take special notice of the following important message highlighting the interview hosted by Jane Degenshein and Jerry Moreno with New York Times Best Selling Author, Francis Ray.
  This is a DO NOT MISS Show!!!
  Please join us on Thru Our Eyes.
  The message follows.

  Hello All NFB members, friends, family members, co-workers.  
  I am so excited to have Francis Ray as our upcoming guest on our internet
  On the Bright  Side with Janie and Jerry.
  We agreed on the date of Wednesday August 8  at 8 PM so it is easy to
  8/8 at 8
  How excited am I?
  Just click/enter on the link below to hear just how excited I am. . .

  Francis Ray is a New York Times best selling author and   a USA Today best
  selling author.
  She is quite prolific and I have copied those books that are on the BARD
  site for you to peruse. . .
  If you have the time or inclination, kindly read one of your choice and I am
  encouraging you to phone in the night of the show to add your comments to
  our broadcast.
  The call in number is toll free:
  1 888 572 0141
  It will be a great fun night
  ECHO book club members remember we already read:
  Trouble Don't Last Always and the follow-up
  Somebody's Knocking AtMy Door
  We had great discussions about these books and now we will be privileged to
  have this fantastic author to enlighten our internet show!
  I have had much discourse via emails with Francis and she seems so easy to
  connect with so hope you listen or view the night of the show
  Following are various options for accessing and or listening live to these

  No internet is required, just use your phone and dial 1 347 215 7037
  (Some charges may apply)
  For internet access to live or previous shows:

  or for JAWS and other screen reader users:

  To watch LIVE shows go to:
  To listen to archived audio podcasts
  Click/Enter on the listen to get the audio only or to watch video of
  past shows go a bit further down the > page for the view and
  click/enter there for audio and video
  To listen to the live show via phone, call:
  1 347 215 7037.
  (Some charges may apply)
  To phone in with a suggestion, comment, or just a shout out:
  Call toll free:
  1 888 572 0141
  Looking forward to having you join us on the night of the shows but
  if you can't listen or view live then you can subscribe to the
  podcasts by the following links:
  Subscribe to Audio podcasts:

  Subscribe to Video Podcasts:
  Wow what an opportunity for us all. . .
  Happy Listening and Viewing!


  Taken from the Bard site
  Francis Ray Books:
  And Mistress Makes Three
  Ray, Francis. Read by Erin Jones. Reading time 9 hours 2 minutes.
  Charleston, South Carolina. Gina Rawlings runs a business travel agency and
  has two unhappy, angry kids and a cheating husband. After her divorce Gina
  stages widower Max Broussard's bed and breakfast. In exchange, he helps her
  with her website--and falls in love. Explicit descriptions of sex. 2009.
  Download And Mistress Makes Three, DB74144

  Any Rich Man Will Do
  Ray, Francis. Read by Michele Schaeffer. Reading time 8 hours 47 minutes.
  Divorced and disgraced, Jana Franklin wanders into Olivia Sanders's Dallas
  boutique. Olivia offers Jana a job and a home against her brother Tyler's
  advice. Jana eventually wins Tyler's trust--and love--by confronting past
  mistakes. Companion to Like the First Time (RC 62376). Some strong language
  and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2005.
  Download Any Rich Man Will Do, DB62691

  Falcon Saga
  Ray, Francis. Read by Madelyn Buzzard. Reading time 25 hours 2 minutes.
  Three romance novels by award-winning African American author. Includes Only
  Hers, Break Every Rule, and Heart of the Falcon, in which production
  engineer Madelyn Taggart tries to convince family friend and businessman
  Daniel Falcon to open his heart to love. Some explicit descriptions of sex.
  Download Falcon Saga, DB59713

  If You Were My Man
  Ray, Francis. Read by Catherine Byers. Reading time 10 hours 50 minutes.
  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Widowed restaurateur Nathalyia Fontaine falls
  in love with officer Rafael Dunlap, who is commitment-shy because of his
  dangerous job as a hostage negotiator. Then Nathalyia's sister Theresa
  returns home and creates trouble. Some strong language and some explicit
  descriptions of sex. 2010.
  Download If You Were My Man, DB72112

  In Another Man's Bed
  Ray, Francis. Read by Marni Penning. Reading time 10 hours 35 minutes.
  Just after Charleston bookstore owner Justine Crandall catches her husband
  Andrew cheating, Andrew has a car accident that leaves him comatose. Justine
  is torn between duty and her own desires--especially when her first love,
  Dalton Ramsey, arrives for a book signing and pursues her. Some explicit
  descriptions of sex. 2007.
  Download In Another Man's Bed, DB72166

  Like the First Time
  Ray, Francis. Read by Michele Schaeffer. Reading time 11 hours 9 minutes.
  Charleston, South Carolina. When Claire Bennett and Brooke Dunlap lose their
  jobs to downsizing, housewife Lorraine Averhart suggests they open a
  business selling bath and body products. With Lorraine's finances, Claire's
  creativity, and Brooke's savvy, their venture and friendship flourish. Some
  explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.
  Download Like the First Time, DB62376

  Not Even If You Begged
  Ray, Francis. Read by Madelyn Buzzard. Reading time 9 hours 31 minutes.
  Charleston, South Carolina. Thirty-seven-year-old attorney Traci Evans is
  honored to join the Invincible Sisterhood, a group of older widows, although
  she does not mourn her cheating husband. While fellow member Maureen Gilmore
  falls in love with a younger man, Traci meets Maureen's unmarried son. Some
  explicit descriptions of sex. 2008.
  Download Not Even If You Begged, DB71713

  Somebody's Knocking at My Door
  Ray, Francis. Read by Melissa Maxwell. Reading time 12 hours 6 minutes.
  Kristen Wakefield is devastated when forced to resign as curator of a New
  Orleans museum and forgo a project on nineteenth-century African American
  art. Enter Rafe Crawford, an old acquaintance still struggling with
  childhood abuse. Romance may help them both--if Rafe will let it. Some
  explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2003.
  Download Somebody's Knocking at My Door, DB58080

  Someone to Love Me
  Ray, Francis. Read by Tracy Mickens-Hundley. Reading time 8 hours 32
  African American realtor Michelle Grant recognizes her new client, computer
  mogul Brad Jamison, as the compassionate man who rescued her years before.
  Their passions ignite, but a property deal involving Michelle's
  wheelchair-bound brother threatens to spoil everything. Also includes the
  short story "Maybe This Time." Explicit descriptions of sex. 2003.
  Download Someone to Love Me, DB60233

  Trouble Don't Last Always
  Ray, Francis. Read by Mare Trevathan. Reading time 12 hours 29 minutes.
  Lily Crawford flees her abusive husband only to have her car break down in
  Louisiana. Lily meets a local family and takes a job keeping house for
  neurosurgeon Adam Wakefield, who lost his sight during a recent carjacking.
  Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2001.
  Download Trouble Don't Last Always, DB72464


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