[nfbmi-talk] Notes on the trip to the Legislature on August 15, 2012

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 Dear All,

Thanks for your notes Terri.  I was with some of the chapter  at larrge 
folks. I felt like a normal person getting down to Great Lakes Crossing 
again on the bus.

I wish I could  get down to the legislative  meeting. I think I can get 
appointments with 2 possibly because I went to high school with one.

I think it is good that we are asking for $80 thousand.

Roberrt leslie newman said he could help me with finding someone to help me 
learn face book better so I could put Newsline of michigan on that. What do 
you all think??

Thanks for all your hard work.

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> Those of us who went to the Legislature on August 15 had a conference call 
> that evening. These notes were taken as a result of that conference call.
>    Notes on the trip to the Legislature on August 15, 2012
> Members present were Larry Posont, Melinda Latham, Terri Wilcox, Nick 
> Wilcox, Terry Eagle, Mark Eagle, Reesa Patrick-Langtry, and her friend 
> Wendy.
> Relationship building is important with members of the Legislature.  A 
> couple questions should be added to the Report Card about the Library. 
> Large counties were receptive to the concerns of the National Federation 
> of the Blind of Michigan. The administration likes quantitative data such 
> as dash boards so a Report Card is good. Newsline is a bargain for eighty 
> thousand. We can place adds in newspapers advertising Newsline. We were 
> observed as we used our canes, came in and out of offices, and used the 
> folders. One individual in a Senate office was particularly interested in 
> our cause. More than one office asked about the State Plate. One 
> representative wanted to call Zimmer and Hilfinger immediately. Politics 
> and the State Plate is something that should be exposed. Our issues 
> transcend party. Every Representative Office except districts 76-80 were 
> given our informational literature. The visibility of blind people is 
> crucial. The Legislature will think of us when they think about blind 
> people. People encouraged us to stand up for what we believe and keep up 
> the good work. Joe Sontag was recognized more than he expected. We expect 
> that he will be contacted. People are recognizing  the National Federation 
> of the Blind. There is a lot of support in our state for a separate agency 
> for the blind. The Commission for the Blind must be able to control their 
> own budget. The Report Card should include that the Commission for the 
> Blind should be a model for blind people as employees.
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