[nfbmi-talk] Notes on the trip to the Legislature on August 15, 2012

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Fri Aug 17 13:43:54 UTC 2012

Those of us who went to the Legislature on August 15 had a conference call that evening. These notes were taken as a result of that conference call. 
    Notes on the trip to the Legislature on August 15, 2012
Members present were Larry Posont, Melinda Latham, Terri Wilcox, Nick Wilcox, Terry Eagle, Mark Eagle, Reesa Patrick-Langtry, and her friend Wendy.
Relationship building is important with members of the Legislature.  A couple questions should be added to the Report Card about the Library. Large counties were receptive to the concerns of the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan. The administration likes quantitative data such as dash boards so a Report Card is good. Newsline is a bargain for eighty thousand. We can place adds in newspapers advertising Newsline. We were observed as we used our canes, came in and out of offices, and used the folders. One individual in a Senate office was particularly interested in our cause. More than one office asked about the State Plate. One representative wanted to call Zimmer and Hilfinger immediately. Politics and the State Plate is something that should be exposed. Our issues transcend party. Every Representative Office except districts 76-80 were given our informational literature. The visibility of blind people is crucial. The Legislature will think of us when they think about blind people. People encouraged us to stand up for what we believe and keep up the good work. Joe Sontag was recognized more than he expected. We expect that he will be contacted. People are recognizing  the National Federation of the Blind. There is a lot of support in our state for a separate agency for the blind. The Commission for the Blind must be able to control their own budget. The Report Card should include that the Commission for the Blind should be a model for blind people as employees. 

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