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Hi Fred,

  I am so glad  you are doing better and trying to get home. It is certainly 
a good sign. Our prayers will continue.


Georgia and Ken
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> Hello,
> Thanks to all of you who are praying and calling. Today, alone, along with 
> physical and Occupational therapy, Matt helped me get my iPod going so I 
> can keep up on NFB of Michigan business.  Dave and Brightsmile called me 
> and Larry, Joe S. and Lindell came to visit this evening.I and my 
> team,here feel things are progressing well.  I have a planning meeting, 
> tomorrow and I plan to go home Friday, if I can talk them into it.  Stand 
> by on this, though.
> I'm not sure how much I want to come to Detroit Saturday.  I do not like 
> being side-lined one bit.
> Again, thanks to all of you.  I'm proud that we told the Governor that we 
> are not going away when we visited the Capitol.
> I love all of you.
> Warmest Regards,
> Fred
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> On Aug 21, 2012, at 10:17 PM, "trising" <trising at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> Dear Michigan Federationists:
>>    I am resending the May 12 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes that I 
>> previously sent out on June 7. I thought it would be a good idea to 
>> resend these to refresh our memories about the last Quarterly Minutes 
>> before our next Quarterly Board Meeting on Saturday.
>> Sincerely,
>> Terri Wilcox
>> Secretary, National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
>> Minutes, Quarterly Board Meeting National Federation of the Blind of 
>> Michigan, May 12, 2012 10:00 to 4:00 St. Paul's Lutheran Church
>> Quorum, yes, Larry Posont, Mike Powell, Melinda Latham, Terri Wilcox, 
>> Mary Wurtzel, Nick Wilcox, and Dave Robinson.
>> Secretary's Report, Terri Wilcox. Dave Robinson made a motion to accept 
>> the Secretary's Report. Mike Powell seconded the motion. The Secretary's 
>> Report was approved.
>> Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel. The current Balance is $123,111.22. The 
>> Newsline Account has $1,604.95. Mary Lou Philips gave us a bequest of 
>> $114,666.54. We received $601.40 from the Imagination Fund. The CD from 
>> the Parent's Division was redeemed for 3,978.54. We have income of 
>> $5,173.28. Eldora Ray gave us a bequest of $200 or $300. Washington 
>> Seminar expenses were $1,000. Terri Wilcox made a motion to give the 
>> National office fifty percent of the bequest at a little more than 
>> $57,333.27. Mike Powell seconded the motion. The motion passed. A little 
>> more than $57,333.27 will be sent to the National office. National 
>> Federation of the Blind of Michigan telephones got turned off but they 
>> will be turned back on. There was approximately $73 in expenses. Mike 
>> Powell made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report. Terri Wilcox 
>> seconded the motion. The Treasurer's Report was adopted.
>> Introduction of participating Members
>> President's Report, Larry Posont. The National Office has been very 
>> supportive concerning the Executive Order. The National Federation of the 
>> Blind has made a difference concerning the Executive Order. It was made 
>> and rescinded. The National Federation of the Blind of Michigan must 
>> maintain a presence at the State Capitol. As a result of our request for 
>> help to the National Office, they paid for a lobbyist. The National 
>> Federation of the Blind of Michigan has visited all Senator's and 
>> Representative's offices. Blind people made numerous calls. The National 
>> Federation of the Blind was instrumental in making a difference. The 
>> American Council of the Blind did nothing. The Executive Order will be 
>> improved. It will not contain everything we desire, but will be an 
>> improvement on the first draft. The Michigan Commission for the Blind 
>> will be transferred to the Department of Human Services. Fred Schroeder 
>> has been of tremendous assistance. The Commission for the Blind will 
>> maintain its status as a separate Agency. There is still much concern 
>> over attempts to separate the Randolph Sheppard Program from the rest of 
>> the agency. The first Executive Order was poorly written. Fred Schroeder 
>> testified at the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Budget 
>> meeting. Mike Zimmer had a different tone after his testimony. The 
>> National Federation of the Blind of Michigan has more support in the 
>> Legislature, on both sides of the aisle. We are further along than we 
>> were two months ago. Concise information is essential for the 
>> legislature. Speculation about the retention of Cannon's job still 
>> exists. It is claimed that Act 260 will not change, but this is doubtful 
>> since the intent is to eliminate the Commission Board and make the new 
>> board advisory. The advisory board would have no policy making power. 
>> There is also intent to eliminate the right of arbitration for blind 
>> vendors. The National Federation of the Blind was instrumental in 
>> eliminating the bad Executive Order. The National Federation of the Blind 
>> stands by a commitment to keep jobs for blind vendors. If the Randolph 
>> Sheppard program is separated into two different programs, then Federal 
>> and state equipment and money would be lost. Control of locations is 
>> desired. If Federal money is given, then blind people must have priority 
>> in state buildings. Timing is crucial. It is crucial for us to be alert. 
>> People realize who we are. We must educate the legislature. The governor 
>> can change the Department but not the law. Fred Schroeder will be asked 
>> to come back as our national representative for State Convention. The 
>> State Plate is still closed. The Attorney General's office will not give 
>> the Commission Board the ruling on the State Plate. The order of 
>> selection involves a blind operator, then a blind person, then a sighted 
>> person to operate the State Plate. The Commission Board is urged to deal 
>> with Resolutions. Our Resolution where The National Federation of the 
>> Blind Convention announcement was censored is of particular concern.
>> We are seeking someone to handle fund raisers for the Michigan Affiliate. 
>> We need to make sure we are getting the credit and money for each bag of 
>> coffee we sell for our Affiliate. Shipping is an added expense. Money 
>> should be coming to the affiliate from coffee. Send out the coffee flyer 
>> to the fund raising committee and the list serve. It will cost $450 for 
>> 300 balloons. We will also sell 50 bags of coffee plus tote bags. State 
>> wide fund raising activities are necessary in order to have funds for the 
>> work of our Affiliate. People work better when they volunteer. Dave 
>> Robinson wants two people from each chapter to participate on the fund 
>> raising committee. The current fund raising committee is Dave Robinson, 
>> Mary Wurtzel and Dianna Mohnke. The Solicitation license is held up 
>> because of missing numbers from one year several years ago. We will not 
>> make up numbers. After determining what the cost is to transfer the 
>> vouchers to another person, Fred Wurtzel made a motion to auction off the 
>> airplane vouchers with the money going to youth outreach. Dave Robinson 
>> seconded the motion. The Motion was approved. Perspective members from 
>> the White Cane lists will be distributed to board members so that they 
>> can make contact with these new possible members.
>> 2012 National Convention Registration This year we are returning to 
>> Dallas and the beautiful Hilton Anatole Hotel for our annual convention. 
>> This year's gathering will be bigger and better than ever! Make 
>> reservations now by calling (214) 761-7500. You won't want to miss out on 
>> the excitement! For more information watch the Braille Monitor. Fred 
>> Wurtzel made a motion for 15 people to attend Convention with assistance 
>> of $250. Elizabeth Mohnke seconded the motion. Individuals must apply for 
>> assistance by the deadline of June 1. Contact Mary Wurtzel by email or 
>> phone to apply for assistance.
>> The Michigan Caucus at National Convention will be held on Saturday, June 
>> 30 at 9:00 or 10:00 P.M. Elizabeth Mohnke made a motion to have the 
>> Affiliate donate $100 for the Jernigan, Sun, White Cane, tenBroek and the 
>> Imagination Funds. Dave Robinson seconded the motion. The motion was 
>> approved.
>> Summer Camps, Fred Wurtzel. The National Federation of the Blind will 
>> instill our attitudes and skills of blindness at Braille and Science Camp 
>> again this year. At Science Camp the students will learn about Science at 
>> Michigan Adventure. Science Camp is July 22-28. Braille Camp is July 
>> 15-21. Each student will take home a Braille book of their own to keep. 
>> At Braille camp, students will improve their Braille reading speeds and 
>> go to the Lansing Braille Library. Brunhilde Merck-Adam may donate some 
>> Braille books. Nick Wilcox will emboss other needed Braille books. Many 
>> Braille books have been acquired from www.nfbsharebraille.org Temple Beth 
>> El Bindery has donated Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. We have an 
>> understanding that funding for the summer camps is available. Mary 
>> Wurtzel will give out costs for camps to the Board. An attempt will be 
>> made to gather all the names of students who attend our camps.
>> Youth Activities, Melinda Latham. We are not taking youth to National 
>> Convention. The Bridge Walk will be from August 31-September 3. Kids from 
>> Cumberland want to go to Cedar Point or Michigan Adventure. $2,000 is 
>> available for the Bridge Walk.
>> August 2012 Quarterly Board Meeting at the Doubletree Hotel
>> There will be a fund raiser for Western Wayne County at Larry Posont's 
>> house afterward with steaks.
>> State Convention. Mary Wurtzel, Mike Powell, and Dave Robinson are on a 
>> State Convention Committee. They will get information from the Doubletree 
>> about the Banquet costs and the Preregistration. We have a proposal for 
>> the Bavarian Lodge for 2013 or 2014 for our State Convention.
>> Newsline service will be cut off by October 1 if we do not get funding. 
>> the Commission for the Blind is funding $20,000 for Newsline. The 
>> Legislature is interested in Newsline. We need someone to promote 
>> Newsline as a full time job.
>> State Plan Tentative Hearing Dates,
>> June 15 Lansing after the Commission Meeting.
>> June 20 Escanaba and Kalamazoo.
>> June 22 Gaylord and Detroit. There will be state plan tentative hearings 
>> around Michigan in three cities. The State Plan influences the Commission 
>> for the Blind. Comments that are made by all interested individuals are 
>> required to have responses by the Commission for the Blind. It is 
>> possible to make comments until the following Monday after the last 
>> hearing. There will be accessible documents in Braille, CD, large print, 
>> and on the website. The State Plan must go on the list serve. The goal in 
>> the State Plan for the number of clients that must be closed with jobs 
>> was higher in 2000 than it is today. This is a very sad statistic. Time 
>> factors are very tight. Our participation in the State Plan hearings is 
>> vital. The ratio of Commission for the Blind staff to blind consumers is 
>> lower than it should be in Michigan.
>> A draft letter to the Governor concerning the lack of Braille signage at 
>> the Training Center was written by Mike Powell. It was read aloud, and 
>> suggested changes were discussed.
>> New Business: Braille coming from the prison is of less quality. The per 
>> page rate for payment for proofreading is of concern. Bob Rehahn, Dave 
>> Robinson and Brunhilde Merck-Adam will check into this concern. The 
>> Governor canceled at risk services funding at colleges. This means the 
>> college can use money that was formerly used for Disabled Student 
>> Services at its discretion. There is no allocation of funding for 
>> Disabled Student Services offices. It is suggested that we contact 
>> colleges to see how the cancellation will impact them.
>> Old Business: Wait for the State Convention to elect the new board 
>> position. Personal attacks should be out of bounds on the email list. Ask 
>> Dave Andrews about moderating someone on the list. Good information is 
>> welcome on the list but not personal attacks.
>> Adjourn at 4:00.
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