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Thanks to all of you who are praying and calling. Today, alone, along with physical and Occupational therapy, Matt helped me get my iPod going so I can keep up on NFB of Michigan business.  Dave and Brightsmile called me and Larry, Joe S. and Lindell came to visit this evening.I and my team,here feel things are progressing well.  I have a planning meeting, tomorrow and I plan to go home Friday, if I can talk them into it.  Stand by on this, though.

I'm not sure how much I want to come to Detroit Saturday.  I do not like being side-lined one bit.  

Again, thanks to all of you.  I'm proud that we told the Governor that we are not going away when we visited the Capitol.

I love all of you.

Warmest Regards,


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> Dear Michigan Federationists:
>    I am resending the May 12 Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes that I previously sent out on June 7. I thought it would be a good idea to resend these to refresh our memories about the last Quarterly Minutes before our next Quarterly Board Meeting on Saturday.
> Sincerely,
> Terri Wilcox
> Secretary, National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
> Minutes, Quarterly Board Meeting National Federation of the Blind of Michigan, May 12, 2012 10:00 to 4:00 St. Paul's Lutheran Church 
> Quorum, yes, Larry Posont, Mike Powell, Melinda Latham, Terri Wilcox, Mary Wurtzel, Nick Wilcox, and Dave Robinson.
> Secretary's Report, Terri Wilcox. Dave Robinson made a motion to accept the Secretary's Report. Mike Powell seconded the motion. The Secretary's Report was approved. 
> Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel. The current Balance is $123,111.22. The Newsline Account has $1,604.95. Mary Lou Philips gave us a bequest of $114,666.54. We received $601.40 from the Imagination Fund. The CD from the Parent's Division was redeemed for 3,978.54. We have income of $5,173.28. Eldora Ray gave us a bequest of $200 or $300. Washington Seminar expenses were $1,000. Terri Wilcox made a motion to give the National office fifty percent of the bequest at a little more than $57,333.27. Mike Powell seconded the motion. The motion passed. A little more than $57,333.27 will be sent to the National office. National Federation of the Blind of Michigan telephones got turned off but they will be turned back on. There was approximately $73 in expenses. Mike Powell made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report. Terri Wilcox seconded the motion. The Treasurer's Report was adopted. 
> Introduction of participating Members
> President's Report, Larry Posont. The National Office has been very supportive concerning the Executive Order. The National Federation of the Blind has made a difference concerning the Executive Order. It was made and rescinded. The National Federation of the Blind of Michigan must maintain a presence at the State Capitol. As a result of our request for help to the National Office, they paid for a lobbyist. The National Federation of the Blind of Michigan has visited all Senator's and Representative's offices. Blind people made numerous calls. The National Federation of the Blind was instrumental in making a difference. The American Council of the Blind did nothing. The Executive Order will be improved. It will not contain everything we desire, but will be an improvement on the first draft. The Michigan Commission for the Blind will be transferred to the Department of Human Services. Fred Schroeder has been of tremendous assistance. The Commission for the Blind will maintain its status as a separate Agency. There is still much concern over attempts to separate the Randolph Sheppard Program from the rest of the agency. The first Executive Order was poorly written. Fred Schroeder testified at the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Budget meeting. Mike Zimmer had a different tone after his testimony. The National Federation of the Blind of Michigan has more support in the Legislature, on both sides of the aisle. We are further along than we were two months ago. Concise information is essential for the legislature. Speculation about the retention of Cannon's job still exists. It is claimed that Act 260 will not change, but this is doubtful since the intent is to eliminate the Commission Board and make the new board advisory. The advisory board would have no policy making power. There is also intent to eliminate the right of arbitration for blind vendors. The National Federation of the Blind was instrumental in eliminating the bad Executive Order. The National Federation of the Blind stands by a commitment to keep jobs for blind vendors. If the Randolph Sheppard program is separated into two different programs, then Federal and state equipment and money would be lost. Control of locations is desired. If Federal money is given, then blind people must have priority in state buildings. Timing is crucial. It is crucial for us to be alert. People realize who we are. We must educate the legislature. The governor can change the Department but not the law. Fred Schroeder will be asked to come back as our national representative for State Convention. The State Plate is still closed. The Attorney General's office will not give the Commission Board the ruling on the State Plate. The order of selection involves a blind operator, then a blind person, then a sighted person to operate the State Plate. The Commission Board is urged to deal with Resolutions. Our Resolution where The National Federation of the Blind Convention announcement was censored is of particular concern.  
> We are seeking someone to handle fund raisers for the Michigan Affiliate. We need to make sure we are getting the credit and money for each bag of coffee we sell for our Affiliate. Shipping is an added expense. Money should be coming to the affiliate from coffee. Send out the coffee flyer to the fund raising committee and the list serve. It will cost $450 for 300 balloons. We will also sell 50 bags of coffee plus tote bags. State wide fund raising activities are necessary in order to have funds for the work of our Affiliate. People work better when they volunteer. Dave Robinson wants two people from each chapter to participate on the fund raising committee. The current fund raising committee is Dave Robinson, Mary Wurtzel and Dianna Mohnke. The Solicitation license is held up because of missing numbers from one year several years ago. We will not make up numbers. After determining what the cost is to transfer the vouchers to another person, Fred Wurtzel made a motion to auction off the airplane vouchers with the money going to youth outreach. Dave Robinson seconded the motion. The Motion was approved. Perspective members from the White Cane lists will be distributed to board members so that they can make contact with these new possible members.  
> 2012 National Convention Registration This year we are returning to Dallas and the beautiful Hilton Anatole Hotel for our annual convention. This year's gathering will be bigger and better than ever! Make reservations now by calling (214) 761-7500. You won't want to miss out on the excitement! For more information watch the Braille Monitor. Fred Wurtzel made a motion for 15 people to attend Convention with assistance of $250. Elizabeth Mohnke seconded the motion. Individuals must apply for assistance by the deadline of June 1. Contact Mary Wurtzel by email or phone to apply for assistance. 
> The Michigan Caucus at National Convention will be held on Saturday, June 30 at 9:00 or 10:00 P.M. Elizabeth Mohnke made a motion to have the Affiliate donate $100 for the Jernigan, Sun, White Cane, tenBroek and the Imagination Funds. Dave Robinson seconded the motion. The motion was approved.  
> Summer Camps, Fred Wurtzel. The National Federation of the Blind will instill our attitudes and skills of blindness at Braille and Science Camp again this year. At Science Camp the students will learn about Science at Michigan Adventure. Science Camp is July 22-28. Braille Camp is July 15-21. Each student will take home a Braille book of their own to keep. At Braille camp, students will improve their Braille reading speeds and go to the Lansing Braille Library. Brunhilde Merck-Adam may donate some Braille books. Nick Wilcox will emboss other needed Braille books. Many Braille books have been acquired from www.nfbsharebraille.org Temple Beth El Bindery has donated Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. We have an understanding that funding for the summer camps is available. Mary Wurtzel will give out costs for camps to the Board. An attempt will be made to gather all the names of students who attend our camps. 
> Youth Activities, Melinda Latham. We are not taking youth to National Convention. The Bridge Walk will be from August 31-September 3. Kids from Cumberland want to go to Cedar Point or Michigan Adventure. $2,000 is available for the Bridge Walk. 
> August 2012 Quarterly Board Meeting at the Doubletree Hotel 
> There will be a fund raiser for Western Wayne County at Larry Posont's house afterward with steaks. 
> State Convention. Mary Wurtzel, Mike Powell, and Dave Robinson are on a State Convention Committee. They will get information from the Doubletree about the Banquet costs and the Preregistration. We have a proposal for the Bavarian Lodge for 2013 or 2014 for our State Convention.
> Newsline service will be cut off by October 1 if we do not get funding. the Commission for the Blind is funding $20,000 for Newsline. The Legislature is interested in Newsline. We need someone to promote Newsline as a full time job.  
> State Plan Tentative Hearing Dates,
> June 15 Lansing after the Commission Meeting.
> June 20 Escanaba and Kalamazoo.
> June 22 Gaylord and Detroit. There will be state plan tentative hearings around Michigan in three cities. The State Plan influences the Commission for the Blind. Comments that are made by all interested individuals are required to have responses by the Commission for the Blind. It is possible to make comments until the following Monday after the last hearing. There will be accessible documents in Braille, CD, large print, and on the website. The State Plan must go on the list serve. The goal in the State Plan for the number of clients that must be closed with jobs was higher in 2000 than it is today. This is a very sad statistic. Time factors are very tight. Our participation in the State Plan hearings is vital. The ratio of Commission for the Blind staff to blind consumers is lower than it should be in Michigan.
> A draft letter to the Governor concerning the lack of Braille signage at the Training Center was written by Mike Powell. It was read aloud, and suggested changes were discussed. 
> New Business: Braille coming from the prison is of less quality. The per page rate for payment for proofreading is of concern. Bob Rehahn, Dave Robinson and Brunhilde Merck-Adam will check into this concern. The Governor canceled at risk services funding at colleges. This means the college can use money that was formerly used for Disabled Student Services at its discretion. There is no allocation of funding for  Disabled Student Services offices. It is suggested that we contact colleges to see how the cancellation will impact them. 
> Old Business: Wait for the State Convention to elect the new board position. Personal attacks should be out of bounds on the email list. Ask Dave Andrews about moderating someone on the list. Good information is welcome on the list but not personal attacks. 
> Adjourn at 4:00.
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