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Thanks so who was the vendor paid for to do that that you referenced at the most recent MCB meeting?

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  Mr. Harcz:


  Inventory Specialties is not the company paid to conduct the equipment inventory for the Business Enterprise Program.


  Constance Zanger

  Business Enterprise Program Manager

  Michigan Commission for the Blind


  517/335.5140 (facsimile)


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  Subject: simple question inventory vendor


  January 31 2012 Inquiry


  Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

  joeharcz at comcast.net


  Patrick Cannon

  Constance Zanger

  James Hull





  Simple question here.Is this the company paid to conduct the inventory for the BEP program referenced today?


  "Payments to INVENTORY SPECIALTIES INC. for fiscal year 2011


  Click on a agency name to view payments to this vendor by this agency.

  Payment Totals





  A simple "yes" or "no" will do for now.




  Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.


  Cc: MCB Board

  Cc: EOC Chair

  Cc: NFB MI

  Cc: several

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