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Thank you Terri...

One who was lost was named Marshal. He was a valient black man and a 
personal care attendent to another beloved who was a peace and civil rights 
warrior named Buddy. Bare with me please. Buddy used a motorized wheelchair 
and was hardly communicative to most of us, but led me through one, if not 
my first, n of my first ADAPT actions with Marshall his PCA at his side.

I still feel the sprays of Marshall's water bottle spritzing me and Buddy on 
a hot summer day fighting against the institutionalization of people with 
disabilities on an action in the hot streets of our nation's capitol. Did I 
mention that Buddy fought long and hard as a person with CP and other 
disabilities to fight his way out of an enforced nursing home and into a 
community and integrated environment with his wife at the time also a 
refugee from a nursing home? Yup, he with all of his disabilities fought for 
decades and I mean literally decades to be out of confinement not to his 
body and not to his wheelchair but to the social order and the slavery of 
his existence to lead as normal a life as possable to him through the ages, 
which is to say he fought to be bethroathed, and to live with his own woman 
of his own and religious vows and damned the dreaded nursing home and its 
rules! And I was sholder to sholder with Buddy and his PCA Marshal at the 
AARP when we barricaded that building in DC to make sure they knew these 
were rights for all including him, me and us? And Marshall, his PCA was 
again at his side back then and at that time relatively fleet of foot...He 
sure could see a whole lot better than either Buddy or I at the time...lol..

Did I mention that Marshal who just past away went from being a personal 
care attendant to an amputee to a wheelchair user and then died of renal 
failure do to diabetes? And that Marshal was a lion a distinct lion for all 
people with disabilities and a true loved one? Actually before Marshal died 
he saw sadly the relative demise of Liberty Resorces the largest CIL in 
Philly and was a board member as those funds are being now squanderrred and 
divided and put out to pasture while Rome, the American Rome burns?

I'm so sorry this all breaks my heart so much and I can't write through the 

These are only but a few of my personal losses over the past few months, but 
they are losses to all of us too.

Oh, and to learn that Laura Williams was lost to all of us being the fine 
leader and dear friend with Californians for Disability Rights...

Oh my Lord I just can't stand it...I'm sorry ... I'm sad... I'm frustrated 
I'm grieving.

This doesn't even count the losses of those aged and folks like my beloved 
Diane who have passed in the last few months.

I'm sorry I'm just in shock and utterly stunned at the fact that one after 
another countless are dying before me and those across the nation that 
touched me in so many ways, some most intimately and my grief is large and 
it is immense and I bare it with all of my heart and soul....

I'm aggrieved!

And I see the beasts who don't give a rat's ass about our rights let alone 
our likes and our right to live in this world as humans like say Cannon and 
his masters suck at the trough while I cannot even appropriately reeve and 
it makes me more than ticked off, in righteous rage at the injustice of it 

I'm not particularly religious though I know you are and I appreciate and 
respect those like you...

But here is my crying tear of remembrance to the fallen loved ones with 
disabilities who have passed in my life recently...

I loved and love you Diane....

I loved and loved you Buddy...

I loved and love you Marshall...

I loved and love you Laura...

I hope in the next world you will find justice and peace.

I'm sad that you did not in this world, but will fight for social justice 
until my last dying breath on your behalf and with you and others in my 
Love to All,

Peace with justice to one and all.

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> Joe, I am sorry for your losses.
> Terri Wilcox
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