[nfbmi-talk] time to sue and for damages

joe harcz Comcast joeharcz at comcast.net
Fri Feb 10 17:56:46 CST 2012

Dear Fellow Federationists,

My father lies languishing in hospital and I might have to abort this message at any time.

But, while I have breath in me I'll fight the corruption and ineptness and the gross and systematic violations of our civil rights on every front.

Over the past moments and years I've documented gross violations to myself alone including today of the right for any citizen to receive timely and accessible information related to activities of of all things the Michigan Commission for the Blind! I've documented that even our commissioners don't get timely delivery of accessible information in a timely manner including even the very last so-called "ememergency meeting" of the last commission meeting. Shoot commissioners don't even get routine fdraft minutes, let alone subsequennt information, on which to base their decisions, upon, s of prior meetings which is in a word,Nuts!"

. I've documented that those in the public inane process of the ALJ don't get this stuff And more importantly I've documented that ALJs violate our individual and collective civil rights over and over again and that is a gross and pernicious act of collective class abuse, again documented in and of itself! . I've documented that from cradle to the grave blind folks in this state of Michigan don't get "due process and equal protection" under the laws of this land because the system, such as it is is clearly discriminatory in the first place and blocks all access to all information and acts perniciously, and with malice of forethought in these regards in order to do what? Well to rob us of course!

What are they robbing us of?

Well they rob us of basic rehab which is to say simple education in the skills of blindness and the means to express them. You know like the right to even learn different modes of communications like Braille or adaptive aids that make the common English sentence or so accessible in the first place! In short they use the tools, or rather abuse the tools, of equal or even equivalent access in order to make us ignorant people dancing to their collective tune of incessant abuses.

They rob us of the right too make   it from here to there .. You no over there is where over there is right?

Hell they make every instrument available to even apply for services inaccessible let alone to make the services accessible.

Now after more than a decade of declaring that the Vision 20/20 stupidity and falsity was their landmark, hallmark, and all that the beasts finally show what they are and out suspend the 20/20 list serve which was highly censor illegally for year to begin with and which hid truth by a state actor from the public.

Oh and when did this all come down: Oh,  the straw that broke the back was asking why Pat Cannon's most recent evaluation wasn't on the very MCB list serve as the MCB Commission requires it to be and indeed on the 20/20 list serve.

Oh well let's be like Stalin or other dictator's and make bad results for bad public actors go away by repressing the public record in the first place eh? We live in America and not Stalinist USSR. Do we believe in Stalinist sorts of revisionism of the public record here in Michigan?

Shoot I'm surprised we are  not raising billboards across the State of Michigan raising the praises of his Fuehrer, and this Big Brother and big this brother is let me tell you he is a big assed brother indeed, and we might just put his picture everywhere and put out a logo (of course not in Braille for we wouldn't wish for those who are blind to know this crap right) which says, "Big Brother Loves you just like Orwell's novel did.."

Let me tell you all abuses are large and the are small. The by continue from a past where we, people who are blind were thought to be nothings, and they continue to this present time. they are magnified because the system wishes to screw everyone with any disability whatsoever wile at the same time taking money from the public trough. ! What an hypocritical act this is eh?!?

So what if they can find out a few folks like Cannon who happen to be blind/disabled themselves in order to rubber stamop the sell out of all the rest of us?

Time to sue the sobs and time, long since time to sue them individually and collectively for pernicious violations of our individual and collective civil rights.

Joe Harcz

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