[nfbmi-talk] opinion requested

joe harcz Comcast joeharcz at comcast.net
Fri Feb 10 21:47:03 CST 2012

Dear Attorney General and Dear Pat Cannon,

The other day a person from State of Michigan and the Michigan commission for the Blind put a gun in my face and said, "you're money or your life." Of course, I gave him all the money I had, because I was scared.

But, next day I went to the Michigan Commission for the Blind, the Michigan Attorney General's Office, and the CIA, the DEA , and all kinds of triple Aaas and all kinds of government outfits that would give this blind kid some justice and relief. Man, I even went to Arlo Guthrie's Group W Bench. No real answer though.

Well I found out that the guy who stuck a gun in my face and asked me for my money was someone who worked for the state and then he had his pals in the state like you guys kind of said it was just kind of peachy keen and all right and all that that he could do what the heck he done.

So, I'm gonna ask you all for your opinion here and I don't want you to be all conflicted or nothing like that and I want you to be all sort of fair ok?

Can you tell me in that sort of fair and non-biased sort of way I heard about on the news and all that that the bugger that worked for you and that was funded by my buddies paying their taxes and who stuck that gun in my face and all that and who says it's ok is really ok?

Just wanted your unbiased and non-conflicted opinion here...
 Now close your eyes and concentrate real sort of careful here and tell me the truth...The real truth... Cross your heart and don't cross your fingers and promise not to die and spit on the cross if your lying ok?

Oh yes and I heard that the "State Plate" is open for a "soft opening" excuse the rather limp phallic reference but it was Constance Zanger's term and not mine for crying out loud.

And anyways I've just got to ask is this all sort of a sort of April Fools joke or what?

 Now just who is them there April Fools anyways? Are they the operators who get the luxury of genuflecting with federal funds to the benighted slaves of the state apparatus or they the slavees who genuflect to your royal highnesses in your own glorious and illustrative briliant clothes?

I'm just kind of dazzled by all of your magnificant brilliance and don't know whose ring to kiss outright and whose posteior I should kiss either so please excuse my and my brethren's sorry excuse as to not knowing how to be proper supllicants to whom and when and how and all that.

Just asking anyways don't you know??

Oh please, please and pretty please make this a Michigan Freedom of Information Act request. I just love to hear Mel Farmer punch out those numbers on his innaccessable and artificial Pure Michigan calculator.

Wow maybe if he keeps on punching he'll make early retirement that is unless the effort gives him carpel tunnel syndrome do to the repetive motion of all that streess and he goes out on disability God forbid for then he might find himself fighting the SState over all that "undue hardship and administrative burden" sort of thing. Now that wouldn't due. That wouldn't due at all!

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