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Elected Operators Committee Meeting Minutes, Monday, February 6, 2012, by Teleconference. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM, and was chaired by Shane Jackson.


Roll Call:


Present: Greg Keathley, Garnet Prentice, Andrea Nelson, Rob Essenberg, Kevin Tomczak, Risa Patrick-Langtry, Matilda Steele, James Chaney, and Shane Jackson.

Absent: Dale Layer.

BEP Staff Present: Constance Zanger, James Hull, and Jennifer Doroh.

Guests Present: Larry Posont, Joe Harcz, Cheri Eagle, and Hazell Brooks.


Interview Process for the House of Representatives Cafeteria by the Committee: Constance Zanger gave a history of the facility as discussed in the last special meeting of the committee. Information was provided on the previous operator serving the facility. The facility is classified as a cafeteria therefore; an operator with cafeteria certification is required. An alternate process will be needed for selecting a new operator as only one is cafeteria certified at present. An Ad-Hoc group consisting of Rob Essenberg, Andrea Nelson, Constance Zanger, James Hull, and James Chaney, met to identify a mechanism for having a blind presence at the facility while maintaining a skilled candidate to operate it. They drafted a solicitation and interview questions. Some members indicated that they did not receive that information. The solicitation document was read by Constance Zanger. Concerns were shared among members which ranged from how legal the process is, having an outside entity run the location, to violations against the promulgated rules. After discussion, Andrea Nelson made the following motion which was seconded by Rob Essenberg:


TO ACCEPT the document with the following amendments:


1. Should an outside entity be awarded this facility, that they must agree to enter into negotiations for a teaming partner arrangement with a licensee that expresses an interest in operating the facility.


2. Should an outside entity be awarded this facility, that they must be prepared to train a licensee in food service operations at the facility, but are not required to hire that licensee during that training period.


Roll call vote was taken. Greg Keathley, Andrea Nelson, Rob Essenberg, and Shane Jackson, voted yes. Risa Patrick-Langtry, Garnet Prentice, and Matilda Steele, voted no. Kevin Tomczak abstained. The motion passed with a 4 to 3 to 1 vote. Shane Jackson asked Constance Zanger and James Hull to inform the committee who is getting cafeteria certified for the February meeting. Rob Essenberg also asked the agency to provide Garnet Prentice with sample teaming partner arrangements from other states. The interview questions were not presented. However, the motion that passed along with the solicitation and questions will be E-mailed to committee members and Commissioners. If members have additional questions or they would like to remove a question, they were encouraged to forward them to James Hull, who will have a final draft by the February meeting. Discussion took place on the Commission Board meeting on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. James CHANEY inquired after the Commission Board votes on it, how soon the facility will be available on the bid line. Constance Zanger reported that she expects the facility to be on the bid line on Tuesday, February 14, 2012, provided the board passes the motion on Wednesday. Shane Jackson moved into public comment which was seconded.


Public Comment by the Public:


1. Rob Essenberg commented that when selecting operators, the interview panel should have equal representation so the building manager won't override the panel's decision.

2. Hazell Brooks inquired about which items were included in the proposal.

3. James Chaney commended Garnet Prentice, Kevin Tomczak, and Greg Keathley, for sharing their concerns about the interview process.

4. Greg Keathley inquired which committee was meeting.

5. Joe Harcz, Garnet Prentice, and Shane Jackson commented on Public Act 260 and the interview process for the House of Representatives Cafeteria may be a violation of that act.

6. Cheri Eagle commented on the legal aspects of the process. She also commended Joe Harcz for his input.

7. Greg Keathley feels that nothing has been violated.


Adjournment: Kevin Tomczak made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Garnet Prentice seconded it. The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.


Preparation and Distribution of Minutes by Jennifer Doroh:


Minutes were prepared and completed by Jennifer Doroh on Tuesday, February 14, 2012.


Minutes were approved (by the chair on date.)

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