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Sat Sep 28 14:12:30 UTC 2013

Terry you sumed it up for sure, and more concisely than I could have done! 

We have fallen so far in the last decade-- I find it astonishing that blind people are at this place in our time. Dr. Jernigan said, at the time of passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act, that this law would do more harm than good for blind people.  It has hardened their hearts against us- and compliance is so spotty as to be unreliable. 
Since we have that law I believe we need to fight for its uniform application and strictor enforcement-- but I believe that Dr. J's prognostication was dead-on as usual. That has not been the only cause of our backward slide, but in my opinion it has added to the decline in prestige of professionals who are blind. 

Well those are my ruminations for this Saturday morning.  

Warmest Regards to all!  


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On Sep 28, 2013, at 9:23 AM, "Terry D. Eagle" <terrydeagle at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Amen! Christine.  Georgia would be under-utilizing, at best, her talents and
> skills within the current stormy climate of the current agency on blindness,
> and it cannot, in my opinion, be referred to as an agency serving blind
> prtsons, as it is not, except for self-serving, as certain blind persons who
> magically declare themselves as servants and advocates of the blind, after
> decades of not, even identifying as being legally blind, not to mention the
> b-l-i-n-d word, or associating with the blind community, yet, they now hold
> themselves out as blind, and experts in blindness and rehabilitation of the
> blind, including business.  Totally self-promoting and self-serving I say.
> And disgusting too.  
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> Man Georgia, why are you not working as a vocational rehabilitation
> counselor?  You would be the bomb for sure!  I never saw so many great ideas
> and practical tips all tucked into such a concise email.  
> I am not sure I could recommend that any friend of mine sign up to work at
> Michigan's blindness agency in the current climate- but bless you for
> sharing your knowledge and ideas!  
> I echo your comments to Jeff, all of them.  Volunteering is a fantastic
> place to begin.  Often you can make arrangements to volunteer at a local
> business, and if your work is good, the business will offer to pay you.  It
> is a great way to remove stereotypes, gain wonderful experience in the real
> world of work, to get great  references for scholarship and employment
> applications later on and to stretch your own skills.  
> Thanks to some fantastic staff at the Training Center when I was there, many
> of our students found volunteer work experiences while they were in
> Kalamazoo and some of those turned into paying jobs.  
> Christine
> On Sep 26, 2013, at 11:26 PM, Georgia Kitchen <gkitchen at samobile.net> wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>> It is nice to hear you are back on the list.  I  have been out of high
> school a while but I wil do mmy best to help you. I asssume you still are
> living in the same area.   How about a paper route?? Maybe you should
> investigate your contacts and friends. for example, wouldLarry Porn or
> others you know may have suggestions. Maybe the   genesee freenet has a
> volunteer position that would give you valuable experience with the
> computer. I know they were looking for folks that could help make web sites
> for non profits.
>> The visually impaired center may have some suggestions. Is the Cracker
> Barrel Restrauant stiill in this area? I know they used to hire the bind and
> they offered training. I was on co op when I was a high school student. they
> have many pahying jobs and I think they may be able to offer a job where you
> wouolld be working with computers, cars, special education or whatever you
> are interested in. the skill center is not a paid job but they offer many
> valuable skills. My reader is learning how to fix computers,, laptops, how t
> work with customers etc. My brother took mechanics and got a lot from that
> program. My step son help bild a home when he was at skill center.]
>> ]
>> Please excuse the typos. You may want to inquire at your school to see if
> there are some jobs there and if not maybe you could suggest that they offer
> some. Seems like this area is able to get grants to support many things that
> are needed. my tech has a small sign by his house that he fixes computers.
> is there something that you could do when not in school such as raking
> lawns, baby sitting etc?? It is great that you are interested in working.
> Please remember that volunteer experience  also can provide valuable
> experience. There is nothing like a  pahying job and I know that you would
> agree. Joe is right about your right to have your  dog with you. I wonder if
> there are any   small eating places, motels that would need part time help??
> Star Bucks is known nationally to hire disabled. My childhood friend works
> at the cafeteria at Michigan state in East Lansing and she  had a dog guide.
> Her dog state in a  cage while she is working. She can  take the dog for
> walks on her lunch hour etc. She has been there part time for a long time.
>> You could call MCC or u of M in this area perhaps. I am sorry but I do not
> have any contacts there. They have retired. The  president of the college is
> a good guy if you want to talk with him. I talked with a former presiedddent
> of MCC in the past. That is my 2 cents. How about asking your minister? If
> you can tell them your interests and what you can do that may be helpful.
> The sooner you start networking the better. That will show folks thatt you
> are interested in working. Could you do a dog grooming business or dog
> sitting or both?
>> as you know, the lions club members are often influential people in the
> cmmunity and may be of help now or in the future. If it were not for a
> wonderful friend that stuck his neck out for me by helping me obtain more
> than one job, I would have not ever got either one of them. Sighted people
> use networking a lot I have found out to get where they are in many casses.
> One of my newsline volunteers is helping me locate health fairs in the area
> to attend for Newsline. I try to help him out when I can and generally be a
> good friend. He has continued to help newsline despite having some health
> issues.
>> www.serotek.com hires blind people. I do not know how old you need to  be.
> Do you have a resume prepared or could you prepare one that you could put
> online  if you were required to? I have not done this but I sure wish I had
> the skills. I know Hadley helps folks with this sort of thing. How about
> tutoring a student or little one??
>> I   hope you find something or perhaps start  a business of your own that
> would fit into your schedule.
>> Best
>> Georgia
>> Original message:
>>> Hi all,
>>> This is Jeff Crouch writing, I was wanting to know, as a blind person,
>>> what kind of job opratunities would be good for me, I am looking for a
>>> job and need some assistance, because I have a guide dog now, I don't
>>> think I would be able to work in a restrant, but i'm not sure on that.
>>> If you all could help.
>>> thanks in advance
>>> --
>>> 73
>>> k8tvv
>>> jeff crouch
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