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Joe, you are too funny couched in reality!

Why scrape together that kind of money from any persons' disposal monthly
income, as the BS4BP has nothing to report regarding any services to blind
persons, since BS4BP has not hired a single blind person since BS4BP's
inception in 2 and a quarter years  ago, BEP vending facilities have been
turned over to sighted daughter of a retired, but actively involved pension
receiving former blind vendor, and a crew of civil service employees, for
which one must be qualified by virtue of BS4BP and LARA staff blood line,
friends and former employees of Rob Essenberger, or built a close intimate
relationship with an agency power broker, as Fred has repeatedly suggested a
person do to get hired, given the reality  in the real world of state civil
service.  Then there is the report card of the do-nothing Vocational
rehabilitation program of BS4BP, whereby there is nothing, of course, to
report, as client cases are summarily closed without consultation and due
process, because the only choice allowed by BS4BP, is the refusal to sign an
inaccessible IPE, and ignores client input in the IPE, despite it being a
plan to impact the life of that blind person.  Then there is the report of
unanswered phone calls and e-mails, and even a BS4BP counselor
missing-in-action, only to learn several weeks later, through the blindvine,
not the BS4BP,  that the counselor left employment with BS4BP, to go to work
for an equally horribly, deplorable, do-nothing, corrupt agency--the U.S.
Veteran's Administration!  Looks like the more change at the VA too, the
more things remain the same!  Of course, as reported in the media, there
were the annual slap-'em-on the-back awards given by BS4BP, highlighting the
extraordinary achievement, far beyond expectation of any blind person, such
as completion of a BS4BP training center program, landing a job outside a
sub-minimum wage slave shop, and of course, to providers of services to
needy blind persons, for completing their professional obligations, while
being handsomely compensated financially by BS4BP, and rewarded with an
achievement award plaque or certificate, likely expensively procured with
rehabilitation funds for training and employment placement services to blind
persons.  It would be interesting to know which family member of a BS4BP or
LARA staff member got that award engraving expenditure, much like the MCB
25th anniversary Detroit office celebration, whereby the friend of a MCB
Detroit office employee, was given the event catering business, rather than
giving the catering business to the Cadillac Place BEP licensed blind
vendor.  In the interest of full disclosure, the blind vendor was offered
the opportunity to probide cookies to the event, and clean-up following the
event.  I am certin the MCB was acting within its belief that the blind
vendor, by providing cookies and cleaning up following the event, was
achieving to his full potential and MCB expectation for a BEP trained blind
vendor.  After all, one just need know whom the BEP training has produced,
under the training by James Hull and handsomyely paid McVetti company.  Is
McVetti NAC accredited?  One would think so.

Well, there is in a nutshell the score card unpublished by BS4BP, and
available for a small fee of many many monthly installment of disposal
income, which must be paid in one-lump sum following a one-half lump sum
deposit of the estimated total cost.

Now, as to that which Mark was referring, the Michigan NFB, under the
leadership of Joe Sontag, in December 2012 drafted a BS4BP report card,
which was intended to be completed by NFBM annually, at the yearly
anniversary of BS4BP, and the results shared with legislators, resulting
from  contact conversation with legislators, at the time the two BS4BP
executive orders were being opposed.

Here is the subject matter content of the drafted BS4BP Report Card:

1. Intensive training of Michigan Commission for the Blind staff in skills
of blindness

2. Consumer driven policy and policy development

3. Quality training for Business Enterprise Program operators

4. Support, marketing, training and advocacy for blind vendors in the

a highly-competitive quality driven and professional foodservice for all
customers served by the BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PROGRAM - including, but not
limited to catering, coffee, equipment, training, due process, active
participation and respect for the jobs that blind operators do.

5. Meet or exceed average national income for Business Enterprise Operators

6. Open and transparent administration of services to blind persons,
including budgeting, purchasing, training and general administration

7. High emphasis on accessibility including facilities, documents and
procedures. All business including due process, conducted in an accessible
manner including electronic, Braille, large print or other forms required by
the customer, stakeholder, constituent or other citizen's needs with regard
to disability.

8. Full funding of newsline and outreach to serve 5,000 blind persons.

9. Staffing of the agency commensurate with similar state agencies for the

10. Completion, maintenance and ongoing development of high-quality
data-processing systems for the vocational rehabilitation program and the
Randolph-Sheppard Program

11. Consumer driven customer satisfaction surveys and the full disclosure of
the results of such surveys.

12. Adherence to principles of due process and conflict resolution

13. Strong advocacy for youth and transition age blind children

14. High intensity adjustment to blindness services at the training center,
including sleep shades training, group mobility, challenge activities and
extended time training toward full competence in acquisition of employment.

15. Strong community advocacy regarding the abilities of blind persons to
compete successfully in the workplace and an active presence to break down
barriers where they exist in the public and private sectors which may impede
full access to employment and full participation in society.

16. Strong emphasis on quality consumer driven placements

17. At least 200 placements with a goal of 300 or more placements annually

18. Strong staff knowledge and competence in entrepreneurial careers for
clients who choose this path

19. A dedication to maximizing the vocational outcomes to assure that each
consumer reaches their maximum potential as is presented in the individual
plan for employment.

20. Inclusion of Newsline Job services on every IPE for those with goal of
competitive employment.

21. A dedication to the principle that it is respectable to be blind and an
active and consistent effort to embed this attitude in the Michigan


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If you wish for a report card it will cost $746,000 less a $20 indecency 
deduction for our lowest paid official  to process this request for 
information. Please send all checks or money orders to your nearest BSBP 
office in order to process this request for information. Note you must have 
a valid Michigan drivers license to use this method of payment.

As a reasonable accommodation to folks who don't have a Michigan drivers 
license you may simply place cash in small bills in paper bags and deliver 
them directly to the central office of LARA. But note to use this method of 
payment you must crawl upon your hands and knees to the central office and 
you must say, "Pretty please accept this token of our esteem to your 

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> Hello Federationist,
> In the past the NFB of Michigan board had created an annual report card of

> BSBP. What is the results of this year's report card?
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