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Thu Dec 4 03:33:25 UTC 2014


I Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr. formally resign from Presidency of the Flint Area Cha[pter of the NFB of Michiggan.

Frankly aside from assistance from the goodlyservices of Mark Eagle and Dave Robinson the rights and priveledges and benefists of being not only a member let alone an officer of NFB have long eluded me.

Shoot it is difficult if not imposable for exam[ple for one to even get good guidance let alone assistance with opening an NFB account in this state. And the President isn't helpful let alone assessable in this simple regards.

In fact he and the board with a few exceptions which I won't go in to now for they will be damned for some arbitrary reason...,
regardless I resign, IN SPITE OF HAVING IN MY PERSON THE SUM TOTAL OF APRIXIMATELY ONE HUNDRED      seventy and sixt;y dollars of which is mostly my ownand my famililies contributions to the NFB to begin with but of whichI want to give to you selfish and unaccountable sone of a guns regardless.
My I'm trying to get out of you and getting oyyou out of me for that matter.

And Larry Posont, Mr. President I appreciate the fact that you supported our Chapter and me and all of that not!!! Sir, you undermined everything that was suposed to be done not only in principle for the blind butyou kicked out the legs under me and every other chapter president whichis why the Michigan Affiliate is moribound and otherwise defunct and impotent and in fact totally nuts aside from being worthlessly weird and devoid of anything worthy of being called "Federationist"

Simply, and in short there is no chapter or affiliate in my mind her in Michigan.


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

Now I have again 
the sum total of $176.00 in NFB assets, mostly of my own or my familial origins.
But, I am not a crook and will give these funds as proscribed to the powers that be.

I again am not willing to engageor willing to be an officer of such a hapazard and silly, unconstructed, and conflicted organizatition as is this NFB of Michigan Affiliate.

Better the likes of Mr. JJ and his and other types pilfer our funds and purpose.

And if one does not think I care about the stakes of those who are blind, or of thte fiduciary responsabilites of this or other organizatitions, wel...one can fornicateoneself if that is the mind set.

Regardless, I'm old now and getting older.

If one namely President Larry Posent wishes for the recourses of the Flint Area Capter then he may get upon his high horse and he might come to my humble home and I will give him chash onthe barrellhead and be done with this crapp.

Again I resign.]

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