[nfbmi-talk] Secret Affiliate Board Action & Expenditure

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   It is true that the board did not discuss this matter at a board meeting, 
either via conference call or in person, but it was brought to the board 
members attention by the president and discussed.  I am assuming that he 
recieved enough support to make such a decision.  The board has a 
responsibility to make these decision as part of their duties.
   I would agree that many individuals at the leadership retreat expressed a 
frustration regarding BSBP and it was a waste of time and resources to fight 
the illegal coruption that exists at that agency, but I am not sure that we 
reached an understanding to ignore all situations.  As a board member, my 
decision was based on the points in the case, the recommendations from the 
attorney and the fact that we are finally moving into the courts.  I don't 
know all the details of your case, but I was willing to support your case as 
well, but it was my understanding that the case could not be persued for 
some reason and the attorney recommended that we or he would no longer act 
on it.  I hope I am getting the correct information on this from those who 
had discussion with the attorney.
   Anyone who thinks we can ignore the actions of the BSBP is ignoring our 
purpose to exist.  I recognize that the frustration level on this issue is 
high, but let's go back to basics. We are a civil rights organization, and 
yes we do other things such as educate, train, enjoy outings and parties and 
give imput at meetings and events, but the bottom line is that we work to 
achieve the equal civil rights for blind people.  Unfortunately, that 
involves dealing with the BSBP her in Michigan. It was that way when we had 
the Commission and no one doubted our involvement, and now the name is 
changed, but the NFB purpose has not.

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> Is there anyone among the elected officers and board members of the NFB of
> Michigan willing to come forth and explain why the affiliate board is
> engaged in secret action and expenditure of affiliate funds concerning one
> individual?
> I ask this for the following reasons:
> 1. Precedent has recently been set that in similar circumstances the
> board openly discussed such action involving an individual, namely me.
> 2. The affiliate put forth and discussed the merits of expenditure of
> affiliate funds prior any expenditure.
> 3. It is my understanding that based on the November 2013 Baltimore
> seminar, the Jackson February 2014 Board meeting discussions and action, 
> and
> wxtensive discussion at the Septemmber seminar this Fall, that the 
> affiliate
> had come to consensus that the affiliate would no longer focus resources 
> on
> issues and complaints involving the BS4BP, rather expending efforts and
> expenditure of valuable limited treasury to affiliate building through
> chapter expansion in number of chapters and membership, leadership
> development, and assessing and mmeeting the personal skills, talents, and
> dreams of members.  Is this understanding and affiliate action accurate 
> and
> correct?
> 4. If the above statement is accurate and correct, then why is the
> affiliate board engaged in such secret action?
> Respectfully inquired.
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