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Thu Dec 11 16:40:34 UTC 2014

Even the Bible sayeth that the Truth shall set the People free.

While some desire to silence and turn their back on the TRUTH, the following
fairly sums up were we as the blind of Michigan find ourselves currently.
The issue and question is where shall the NFB  and individuals take a stand
and act affirmatively and positively to the current state of issues facing
we the blind?

Remember, it has been stated by persons of noted fame:  "To not take a
position is in fact to take a position.", and "If one does not stand for
something, then one will stand for anything.".

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We, the NFB of Michigan, have become   a little people. Our ranks are filled
with variously rancorous backstabbing and timid conformance to powers that
be. We claim to be the voice of Michigan's blind population, fighting for
civil rights and yet too many violate the known civil rights of our brothers
and sisters, or simply ring their hands when it is done which is to say it
is go along to get along.


There is also an attitude by some which we must call an "I've got mine, now
you get yours attitude." That is self defeating as we know for powers that
be will soon take yours after they have totally divided and conquered us
including the recent fratricidal activities.


NFB of Michigan is disorganized; has no direction; has no coordination or
updates of important corporate papers, including its constitution, by-laws,
financials, membership lists, etc., in any format let alone formats
accessible independently to we who are blind.


Chapters have dissolved before our eyes in spite of the 75 in 75 commitment
and efforts of the likes of Dave and Mary Anne Robinson.

Meanwhile there isn't one single state agency, school or other important
body that is fully accessible in conformance with civil rights laws to blind
persons who are bleeding here in Michigan. The newly blinded, a vast growing
number, in particular are left behind and are being destroyed here in
Michigan while we, the organized blind close our eyes to this nightmare
rather than addressing it in the fighting, militant spirit of outrage
against such injustices and human waste as our forbearers once did.


On the contrary, and in full circle too many of us have trampled on the
civil and human rights of our brothers and sisters.





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