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Boy born without eyes given new canes to suit current and future needs | fox4kc.com

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A blind eight-year-old boy received a new cane Tuesday. In fact, he received three of them.


FOX 4 told you about the Dakota Nafzinger a week ago,

a young boy born without eyes.


Dakota’s mother said his school, Gracemor Elementary north of the river, took away his cane, which is school property, to punish bad behavior and replaced

the cane with a pool toy.


The school later returned the cane, but now the National Federation of the Blind has given Dakota three new canes of his own.


“It’s awesome. I’m excited the National Federation of the Blind brought him a cane, and it’s a different style, so that’s exciting,” Dakota’s mom, Rachel

Nafzinger, said.


Dakota has three canes because he’s growing. As he gets taller, he’ll outgrow the old ones and need longer models.




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