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Now to expand the discussion, what were the topics and pending legislation
issues presented to legislators?  There were three issues presented to Legislators. They were The Fair Wages Bill, H.R. 831 would 
phase out subminimum wages for persons with disabilities. The Technology Education Accessibility in College and Higher Education 
Act, H.R. 3505 will set guidelines so that online learning platforms are accessible for individuals with print disabilities. If a 
college followed the guidelines set by the Access Board, they could claim that they are ADA compliant. The Air Carrier Technology 
Act makes mobile apps accessible so that we can check in, find seats, check flight status, and order food and entertainment just 
like anyone else that pays the same price to fly the friendly skies. What Bills and issues did these named
legislators become co-sponsors.  Upton intends to cosponsor Fair Wages. Bentivolio intends to sponsor Teach. Were meeting actually 
with a legislator, or
only a staff member?  In the case of Upton and Bentivolio, we met with the actual Congressmen. For most of the rest of the 
appointments, we met with an aid. We briefly said hello to Senator Stabenau and Congressman Amash, but the primary meeting was with 
an aid.
J.J. Meddaugh stepped up and made Legislative appointments for Michigan. I hope this answers your questions. If anyone would like 
the professional explanations that are sent out by the National office to many of our NFB lists about a week before Washington 
Seminar, go to www.nfb.org and place Washington Seminar 2014 Fact Sheets in the Search Box. You will get more detailed explanations 
than the ones I have written here.

Terri Wilcox 

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