[nfbmi-talk] doesn't mention nfb but...

joe harcz Comcast joeharcz at comcast.net
Wed Feb 5 19:20:01 UTC 2014

Here is an article that was carried on AP througghout the country yesterday. Though it doesn't mention NFB's long standing role on the issue it does show that the heat is being put on by all sorts of orgs with disabilities.....


Advocates want disabled included in minimum wage hike for government contract workers | Star Tribune

Article by: SAM HANANEL , Associated Press

Updated: February 4, 2014 - 3:55 PM


WASHINGTON — More than a dozen advocacy groups are urging President Barack Obama to include mentally disabled workers in his call to raise the federal minimum

wage for employees of government contractors.


The groups, including the National Organization on Disability and the National Down Syndrome Congress, said Tuesday they are concerned that Obama's plan

for an executive order raising wages to $10.10 an hour won't cover many disabled people who now earn less than the current federal minimum of $7.25 an



Thousands of disabled workers are employed by government contractors under a federal program that allows companies to pay a subminimum wage to those with

intellectual or developmental disabilities.


"We believe that all Americans should be afforded minimum wage protections, including those workers with disabilities," the groups said in a letter to Obama

and Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.





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