[nfbmi-talk] requesting thoughts

Michael Welty ratking1989 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 22:13:57 UTC 2014

Hey all,


Decided to bring a little of an issue up to you guys, not completely
blindness related, but still effects me.

For over the last day my building's heat has been broken, and I have not
been imformed by any of the of the staff, when it broke, what they plan to
do about it, and most importantly, if anything is being done. This is just a
long string of times they have refused to inform me of changes or problems
in the building, so I wanted some input on if there is anything I can do to
straighten this up. This problem will be solved completely at the end of
March, but until then, I'd really want to see if I can get this fixed as I
have missed some very important issues that came up because of their failure
to notify me of things.

Any ideas on what to do, especially in this latest situation with the heat
being down, and this massive storm and really cold wind coming through?



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