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This is a complaint against these officials and BSBP for continued and ongoing violations of the effective communications requirements of the ADA and Section 504; to wit the chronic and pervasive pattern and practice of failing to remit without surcharge documents in a timely and accessable manner.

Access is a Civil Right and an Obligation of VR Entities,

Joe Harcz
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Subject: Fw: consumer dis-satisfaction

No response to date. And to make matters quite clear here I, Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr. am requesting this "consumer satisfaction" survey in accessable format!

Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

December 19, 2013
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To: Mike Pemble BSBP Dep. Dir. 
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Subject: Fw: consumer dis-satisfaction

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Subject: Fw: consumer dis-satisfaction

    No consumer satisfaction survey produced to date and no response to this and other inquiries related to it.

Yet, at Friday's MCRS meeting Mr. Pemble stated for the record that five hundred consumer satisfaction surveys were sent out!

Was that a lie, or was the statements in the state plan a lie, or were the statements to RSA about conducting a consumer satisfaaction survey through Michigan State a lie?

And if Mr. Pemble did send out consumer satisfaction surveys what format were they sent to blind consumers in?

Joe Harcz
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Subject: consumer dis-satisfaction

November 15 2013 to RSA and Rodgers Consumer DisSatisfaction


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

1365 E. Mt. Morris Rd.

Mt. Morris, MI 48458

joeharcz at comcast.net



Re: We Consumers Always the Last to Know and other Overt Lies


To: EDWARD F. Rodgers II, Director

Bureau of Services to Blind Persons (BS for BP)


State of Michigan

(and others via e-mail)


Dear Mr. Rodgers,


I point to the following  quoted section from  the Rehabilitation Services Administration which I assumes comes from your comments  (because they are just so like you sir) or those of BSBP’s office regarding the roles and responsabilities of the SRC and the “Commission for Blind Persons” designed to neuter consumer control over the agency in EO 2012-10:




Consumer Satisfaction? No real consumer In Put or Access to Information.



I am writing to point out some observations about THE: On site visit to Michigan Rehabilitation Services and Bureau of Services to Blind Persons

Rehabilitation Services Administration

June 24, 2013 including the following statement:






“During the discussion, MRS indicated that the SRC performs additional activities on its behalf, for example, conducting “mystery shopper” consumer satisfaction activities.  BSBP indicated that while such activities may be beneficial, they go beyond the scope of duties required to be performed by a SRC, and, therefore, BSBP is not interested in contributing toward the conduct of such extra activities, especially in light of having an advisory commission that performs extra activities outlined in section II.F of the executive order on its behalf and specifically related to its target population of individuals who are blind or visually impaired, including:  study and review the needs of the blind community in the state; advise LARA concerning coordination and administration of state programs serving the blind community; recommend changes in state programs, statutes, and policies that affect the blind community to LARA; secure appropriate recognition of the accomplishment and contributions of blind residents in the state; monitor, evaluate, investigate, and advocate programs for the betterment of blind residents of the state; advise the governor and the director of LARA of the nature, magnitude, and priorities of the challenges of blind persons in the state; and advise the governor and the director of LARA on the state’s policies concerning blind individuals.  


BSBP indicated that its advisory commission intends to conduct a consumer satisfaction survey and to share the results of the survey with the SRC in fulfillment of the SRC’s responsibility under 34 CFR 361.17(h)(4) to conduct an analysis of consumer satisfaction, to which the SRC is agreeable.  BSBP indicated that its use of the advisory commission was intended as a means of avoiding duplication with other councils within

the state in accordance with 34 CFR 361.17(h)(6). 






Now and then in BSBP’s ludicrous State Plan supplement which no one has read except for me perhaps and the Commission hasn’t even seen you talk about Michigan State University conducting a “consumer satisfaction survey” along with its comprehensive needs assessment.


Lord Almighty. Here your agency tells the federal government (RSA) two things in the same written format which are self-contradictory and are upon their face simply written lies. There is no other term for such written and documented false statements, then to call them written and documented lies, sir  to a federal governmental entity to call them anything else.


Moreover, neither the “commission” or anyone else has conducted any sort of true and independent consumer satisfaction survey of any sort on the Vocational Rehabilitation program of BSBP or its predecessor the Michigan Commission for the Blind since 2008!


Who, sir are you trying to kid?


In fact neither you personally Mr. Rodgers and certainly no one at the Designated State Agency (LARA) has had any real contact with consumers except to belittle, denigrate and otherwise abuse us as if we were some sort of pestilence.


The continued and documented abuses of anything approaching transparency let alone accessibility about how your federally funded organization is run is testament to this fact, sirs.


The documented lies in the public record are testament to this as well.


Now, if you dispute this then I wish to have the consumer satisfaction survey instrument, conducted by the “Commission for Blind Persons” your agency and your person denotes in the quoted report to RSA. And let me tell you that this is one consumer who hasn’t been contacted and who is very disappointed to say the least with the actions of BSBP and your person to ssay the least. Now I suppose you will respond as per usual with another ludicrous and abusive and bullying, and non0-germane FOIA distraction. Perhaps you’ll try to charge me a consumer who happens to be blind oh say, $746,00 for this survey instrument or to answer inquiries as you and your state agents have done in the past on several other documented occassions.


Now, before you all get your tidy whities in a bunch over calling you outright liars, scofflaws, and violators of the Rehabilitation Act and all that let me again remind you all that the ultimate defense against liable, slander, and defamation is indeed the truth.


And the best advice to a lawyer and ALJ such as you and Mr. Zimmer is in these regards  to if you wish to not called a “liar” or “scofflaw” is to simply stop lying in any venue and in any format and to stop scoffing at known laws!


Now send me the above referenced consumer satisfaction survey sirs, and/or the instruments, and or even the notion of the thing you claim to RSA to be doing.


Listen, and listen closely here: You can try to drive me crazy with your Orwellian double-speak and your documented lies, but you will never make me stupid and you’ll never make me desist in my struggle for truth, justice and for the benefit of blind people in this sstate.


The BSBP is not a play toy of the State of Michigan and a funding outlet for all of your various schemes. It is supposed to be about the very serious business of rehabilitating Michigander’s who happen ttoo be blind. And in all of your public testimonials Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Zimmer (DSU and DSA respectively) I’ve never heard once, not once in the public record and I’ve combed archives and recordings and transcripts either of you state this outright!


If you think I’m disgusted with you both, then you are correct in that analysis. Now, time to follow the laws of this land.




Paul Joseph Harcz, jr.



Cc: BSBP Commission





Cc: several attorneys at law


Cc: MI Auditor General’s Office

Cc: U.S. Dept. of Ed. OIG

Cc: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District, Michigan

Cc: Michigan Civil Rights Commission

Cc: several media




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