[nfbmi-talk] this is a tragic cause of blindness

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Though being akin to Gandi's perspective in his view that an eye for an eye 
makes the whole world blind I cannot say, being a human, flawed and not 
saintly as I am that I don't think these creeps shouldn't be hung up by 
their privates to say the least. I'm just not a saint.

But the point really is what do we do as a civil society with the people so 
damaged by these creeps?

I say that we are morally obligated to make their world as safe, meaningful 
and perpuseful as we can do.

Oh and back to the young woman, actually a teen at the time who was a victim 
of the abuse and whom I was a student with at MCB TC years ago.

All of we older fatherly types were enraged at her story and her angst. Man, 
oh man we just wanted to protect her and I'll tell you all we wanted to kill 
the bastard who put this young lady in such fear at his release from prison.

Or at least all the guys I knew did so. And we meant it and really we did. 
But, we were powerless over such great things and besides that sort of 
revenge meant nothing to help this young lady really except to comfort her I 

What did make some sort of difference was our and others solidarity with 
her. Our common comfort. And, of course the experience, strenght, and hope 
that she did not have to exist in either fear or loathing.

Her only exit was through acceptance and through education, where she didn't 
have to repeat the sins and experiences of her past.

Oh, sorry for the emotional issues here all, but I ran in to this young 
woman a few years later and she rememberred the experiences, the kindnesses 
and was still a little bit screwed up by the system and all of it. But, she 
was ever so much more of a pure inspiration to me than I ever could be to 
her making a very long story so much shorter.

For thisyoung lady in spite of her abuse and fears. In spite of her 
inadequate educcation. In spite of being the product of a mother, who was 
white by the way so no racism here please, was the youngest child of eight 
and each of her siblings was from a different dad, or rather, a different 
sperm donor.

And in spite of all this this remarkable young lady survived and flourished. 
Maybey not to be a super-human. Or super-blink. Or whatever the measure of 
success is in these times.

But, this young woman was and is loving, kind, and works to be the best 
person she can be in a troubled world and in spite of all odds.
Or at least I think so...

I mean we lost contact now about seven years ago. I thought of her like my 
own daughter and through our own estrangements in life.

Still I saw this young lady blossem in to womenhood. And sorry for the poor 
grammar and the emotion, but I did think of her like my own daughter and 
there is a whole lot of emotional stuff falling over those water falls too 
let me tell you all.

I'm not religious per se personally, but I have no qualms in saying, "God 
bless the child."

And let me tell you though while being a most unperfect parent and not one 
to judge lightly I must also say, "Screw the abuser and the perverts who rob 
our children of everything, most especially their humanity."

And, yes Terry, I am like most others. I'd like to gouge this 
son0-of-a-bitches eyes out. I really would. And if I thought it could 
prevent or change anything I'd do it. I really would.

I'm kind of like Nelson Mandella in these regards. For I don't believe in 
non-violence in moral terms, again being no saint, but only in tactical 
terms being most practical.

Still, this young lady, whom I'll never name was only in fear of her 
perpretator. She didn't really hate him. She said, "Hate only kills me."

She really said that. And Terry and all I can't wrap my mind around that 
either. But there you have it.

I guess all one can say is she was and is a better person than I am.

It's all I can say.


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>A very sad commentary on the state of social affairs.  Perhaps a judicial
> answer is "an eye for an eye".
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> Shaken baby syndrome and other abuse is one of the causes of blindness 
> among
> young in America. Several years ago while I was in the Michigan commission
> for the Blind Training Center I came to know a young woman who was blinded
> while an infannt because her mother's live in boyfriend got angry when she
> cried and threw her like a footbal against a wall detaching her retinas. 
> She
> shared it with all because that same fellow who got sixteen years for the
> abuse was scheduled to be let out of prision at the time.
> And the sad, tragic story of abuse and its consequences continues across
> America.
> Joe
> Couple charged in beatings that blinded 2-year-old. A southeast Houston 
> man
> is accused of causing so many injuries to his 2-year-old stepdaughter that
> she
> was blinded because of the physical abuse, Harris County prosecutors said.
> Angel Martinez , 26, is charged with injury to a child. The girl's mother,
> Nancy
> Colomo-Gonzalez , also has been charged in the case, accused of doing
> nothing to protect her daughter. On Dec. 12, doctors examined Yenitze
> Beatrice Reyes
> when her mother drove her to Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena. Her
> injuries, including skull fracture and trauma to her brain, were so severe
> she was
> flown by helicopter to University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.
> Extensive injuries UTMB's medical director said the child's extensive
> injuries
> were clearly the result of "non-accidental inflicted blunt force trauma,"
> according to the criminal complaint filed against Martinez. The head
> injuries
> were likely the result of blunt force trauma to the back of her skull or
> slamming the skull onto a hard surface, hospital officials determined. The
> little
> girl was blinded by the attack, authorities said. When questioned by 
> Houston
> police detectives, Martinez said he tossed the child into the air but was
> unable to catch her at their apartment in the 10000 block of the Gulf
> Freeway, according to the complaint. He panicked when Yenitze struck a
> wooden chair
> as she fell. The injury caused a lump on the back of her head. Martinez
> thought he could "push the bump" back into her head, according to the
> complaint.
> Doctors told police his decision to press on the child's fractured skull
> explains the bone fragments found in her brain. Doctors found evidence of
> healed
> injuries, indicating the child had been abused in the past. Both held
> without bail Martinez admitted repeatedly shaking her in September while 
> her
> mother
> was at work, causing seizures and vomiting. In October, he grabbed Yenitze
> by the arm and swung her during an argument with his wife. Although the
> child's
> arm was swollen and red, she was not taken to the hospital, according to 
> the
> complaint. Martinez is being held without bail at the Harris County Jail .
> His stepdaughter's medical condition wasn't known late Wednesday.
> Colomo-Gonzalez, the girl's mother, is also in jail without bail, charged
> with injury
> to a child by omission. According to court documents, she lied to hospital
> officials about her daughter's incidents, telling law enforcement
> authorities
> she was afraid of getting Martinez into trouble. She also said she didn't
> seek medical attention in one incident because she didn't want to "get in
> trouble.
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