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Announcing the 2014 California Chemistry Camp for Blind and Visually
Impaired High School Students!

                Would you like to learn how blind people tackle the
very visual subject of organic chemistry successfully? Do you have a
general love for science? Do you want to learn how you can do
chemistry as a blind person just as successfully as your sighted
peers? Do you want to apply the chemistry you learned to food such as
olive oil? Are you interested in how blind professionals use science
in their careers every day? Then the 2014 California Chemistry Camp is
for you!

Come join Accessible Science for an Educational, exciting, and
Fun-Filled weekend of hands-on science!

When: Friday, May 2, 2014 through Sunday, May 4, 2014.

Where: Enchanted Hills Camp near Napa, California.

Who: Up to fifteen blind high school students ages 14-18 will be
selected to participate.

Cost: There is no cost to apply for the program.

Accessible Science is a 501(c)(3) organization with the purpose of
providing accessible educational opportunities. While programming is
provided at no cost to participants, everyone is encouraged to make a
tax deductible donation to support current and future programs of
Accessible Science. Only through the generosity of our supporters can
we provide our programs at no cost.

                During this exciting and busy 3-day experience,
students will get to learn how blind and visually impaired people use
chemistry in their careers, they will explore techniques used by blind
people to make chemistry accessible, they will perform hands-on
accessible chemistry experiments, they will apply the chemistry they
learned to some basic cooking and olive oil chemistry, see the
chemistry they learned turned into action with an exhilarating magic
show, and talk with blind and sighted scientists who use science as a
mainstay of their careers. The students will also be able to
participate in recreational activities. Exciting evening activities
are planned. Note that students need not only love science to apply.
This will be a learning experience for everyone!

Throughout the weekend, students will have quality time to socialize
with each other and with blind mentors and instructors.

                Students will be put into groups of three and each
group of three will work with a blind mentor. The blind mentor will
act as a role model for the students during the course of the weekend
and participate in all activities with them.

                Transportation will be provided to Enchanted Hills
Camp from pick-up points in the San Francisco bay area and at pick-up
points in Sacramento. Transportation will leave the pick-up points in
both the bay area and Sacramento around 2 PM on Friday, May 2 and will
be dropped off at the same points at about 4 PM on Sunday, May 4.
Adults affiliated with the chemistry camp will wait at pick-up points
until all children are accounted for by their parents or legal
guardians. Parents are also more than welcome to provide their child
with transportation directly to the camp if they wish. If parents
drive their children, they should plan to arrive at the camp near
Napa, California around 3 PM on Friday and be back at the camp to pick
up their children at around 2 PM on Sunday.

                To apply, please visit:


Note that this is a preliminary application. If applicants are
selected to move on in the process, the student and/or parent or legal
guardian may be interviewed via telephone. Once a student has been
accepted to participate, they will be notified by email or phone.

Once students are accepted, the parents or legal guardian of the
student will be sent several permission release and safety forms to be
signed and returned Logistical specifics of the camp such as
transportation, dietary allergies, a more precise schedule, and health
concerns will be discussed at this time. Note that if we do not
receive all permission forms signed by the parent or legal guardian of
a student by the time of the camp, the student will NOT be able to
participate in the camp.

                We hope to see you this spring at Enchanted Hills!

If you have any questions, contact

Angela Fowler

Director of planning, Accessible Science

Email: fowlers at syix.com

Phone: 530-902-0987

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