[nfbmi-talk] Minutes, National Federation of the Blind of Michigan December 16

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Minutes, National Federation of the Blind of Michigan December 16
Quorum, yes Larry Posont, Mike Powell, Terri Wilcox, Mark Eagle, Dave Robinson, Sarah Norwood, and Derek Moore.  Secretary's Report, 
Terri Wilcox.  Dave Robinson moved to adopt the November 7 Minutes.  Mike Powell seconded the motion.  The Minutes were approved. 
Treasurer's Report, Mark Eagle.  No Treasurer's Report was given.  Introduction of Participating Members President's Report, Larry 
Posont.  Larry Posont is working with clients who need Rehabilitation services from the Bureau of Services to Blind Persons.  Fred 
Wurtzel and Terry Eagle presented at the Advisory Board meeting.  Legislative Concerns.  The list of Washington Seminar  attendees 
is being finalized.  The national office will have a Legislative Director's Seminar in Baltimore before Washington Seminar.  Dave 
Robinson is arranging a Quarterly Board Meeting in Jackson for February 22.  Larry Posont and Terri Wilcox investigated three 
schools as possible sites for the Bell Program that will be held the first two weeks of August.  We will need a teacher plus 
liability insurance.  There is a paper being written about five things that legislators might support based on Resolutions of the 
National Federation of the Blind of Michigan.  Leadership Seminar Follow up.  A State Leadership Seminar for the Board and Chapter 
Presidents may occur next year.  Chapter leaders will come together for instruc;name in chapter building, fund raising, the 
Presidential release and how to run a meeting.  Anil Lewis indicated a willingness to work with us.  Dr.  Maurer is retiring and 
supporting Mark Riccobono as National President.  New Business: Dave Robinson moved to allocate $50 for Grand Rapids as start up 
funding so the chapter can begin their bank account.  Sarah Norwood seconded the Motion.  The motion passed.  The Kalamazoo Chapter 
reorganization is still needed.  Help is needed since Doug and Christine are moving.  A chapter will begin in Flint before the Board 
Meeting in February.  The chapter at large is not currently meeting.  The contract in Flint for State Convention at the Gateway 
Hotel is not good because it contains fees and stipulations.  There are expenses on room rentals of close to $1000.  The medical 
record keeping system used by a mental health company in Jackson is not accessible.  Mary Ann Robinson is not having much luck 
obtaining accessibility of the system at her job.  The company needs to hear from us since they are in receipt of Federal funds. 
Websites will eventually be in litigation because they are not accessible.  A committee will write a letter concerning this 
inaccessibility for Mary Ann Robinson.  Risa Patrick Langtry accepted the Operations Center cafe as a vending location.  Larry 
Posont got a letter from a person representing ten prisoners seeking rehabilitation services.  Dave Robinson will meet with a person 
from the education department in the prison.  Blind prisoners are not given Rehabilitation services.  Mike Powell moved to adjourn 
the meeting at 9:22.  The Meeting was adjourned. 

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