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Subject: Fw: still no response bsbp vet agreement state plan

    Now let us look at the so-called veterans agreements sent in other posts after numerous delays.

What we know is this:

The agreements in the State Plan are with most part signed by agencies that no longer exist thanks to our Governor and his executive order 2012-10.

Yet they're maintained in the state plan and yet the BSBP and the MRS get copious federal funds to fund programs that don't exist.

If this isn't a freaking sham and an outrigight disgrace I don't know what is so.
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Subject: Fw: still no response bsbp vet agreement state plan

Now this is typical of those who've never served the country in any capacity let alone veterans of wars and so on and so forth..

Yet, some might claim that they are on the side of angels whilst on the side of devils.You be the judge of these types.

I wonder how many veterans get a faire shake here. I know that the blind don't even get a "shake" and I'm trying not to be profane and/or otherwise welll....badly speaking and such.
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Subject: still no response bsbp vet agreement state plan

July 2 2014 Vet Agreement


For the record I’ve had not even the courtesy of a response to this request for public information and public accountability let alone the requested information.


Not very timely or accountable.


Joe Harcz





June 10 2014 on Blinded Veterans Agreement


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

1365 E. Mt. Morris Rd.

Mt. Morris, MI 48458

joeharcz at comcast.net



To: Edward Rodgers, Director

Michigan Bureau Services for Blind Persons (BSBP)


Dear Mr. Rodgers,


I point your attention to the following from BSBP’s FY 15 State Plan Supplement which I just received today:



“The Bureau has established an agreement with the Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VA-VRE) to provide vocational services to veterans. The emphasis in the agreement is to provide services to veterans that are returning from the current conflicts. The agreement outlines the referral process and the vocational and job placement services that are available through the Bureau. 



Now I am requesting in accessible format the above referenced agreement.


Given the national scandals related to Veterans Services including the fact that Blinded Veterans cannot access their own records and the fact those services in documented fashion are not Section 508 let alone 504 compliant I think they could use the good example of BSBP in supplying me, in accessible format said agreement referenced above.


So I thank you in advance for your prompt and accessible and accountable response to this matter.




Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

Cc: S. Luzenski, BSBP Admin. Asst.



Cc: MP, VA and MCRS


Cc: BSBP Commission

Cc: several Veterans Organizations


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