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FashionAccessible For People With Disabilities


This is all we know about this currently.
Laura Legendary
Co-founder, Fashionability
USA:  (509) 264-2588
l.legendary at elegantinsightsjewelry.com
Emily Davison
Co-founder, Fashionability
UK:  (+44) 7541858610
UK:  (020) 85164981
fashioneyesta at gmail.com
New audio channel makes fashion accessible for people with disabilities
September 19, 2014 - In a partnership dedicated to making information about
fashion accessible to people who have disabilities, Emily Davison and Laura
Legendary have created Fashionability, a social media franchise consisting
of an audio channel on the Audioboo platform, a Facebook group and page, a
Twitter account, and a blog and RSS feed.  Davison, blogger on the
Fashioneyesta.com blog based in the UK, and Legendary, designer and owner of
Elegant Insights Braille Creations, based in the US, joined forces in a very
stylish collaboration to create an audio guide to accessible style.
The Fashionability channel aims to cover many aspects of fashion and beauty,
jewelry and accessories, health and fitness, to provide tips and education,
as well as to raise awareness about representation of people with
disabilities in the media.  "I have been campaigning with a team of
dedicated individuals with the organization Models of Diversity to target
fashion brands to add models with disabilities to their advertising
campaigns."  Says Davison.  "there is the fundamental fact that people with
disabilities are not equally represented in the fashion advertising
industry. This immediately creates problems for people with disabilities as
it shows society that disability is not considered to be relevant to fashion
and thus all these unfair stereotypes occur."
Content on the Fashionability channel will also be provided by guest
contributors, people with disabilities who are subject matter experts in a
variety of fashion-related topics.  One such contributor is the organization
Living Paintings,
, based in the UK.
The Fashionability channel is set to launch on September 19, 2014, and will
be available via RSS feed and in the Lifestyles category on Audioboo,
.  Plans are also in the works for text transcripts of the
audio programming, which will be made available on the Fashionability blog.
"The Fashionability brand will focus on accessibility and inclusion," says
Legendary.  "When most people think of fashion, or more broadly, style, they
may think of it only in terms of a visual medium.  The lack of accessible
information suggests that people with disabilities are somehow less
interested in looking and feeling their best.  I hope that, with the help of
Emily and our contributors, we can create a resource inclusive of  all walks
of life, all ages, all socio-economic strata, all body types and all
abilities.  I want to provide sensible, approachable, fashion and style
information that is within reach...of everyone."  For more information, send
email to
fashionabilitychannel at gmail.com
.  Visit the Fashionability Channel
About Emily Davison:  Emily Davison is a UK based writer, disability
campaigner, and journalist who currently writes about fashion on her blog
fashioneyesta.com which she founded in July 2012-a blog created to enable
people with sight loss to access fashion and cosmetics.
About Laura Legendary:  Laura Legendary is a speaker, author, and educator,
specializing in disability awareness, advocacy, accessibility, and assistive
technology.  She is also the owner and designer of Elegant Insights Braille
Creations, a distinctive collection of jewelry and accessories, made in the
USA, and embossed in Braille.  Visit
.  To
read Laura's blog, go to Accessible Insights Blog at
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