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So Fred with this experience will we all be able to denote, referencing the 
parable, that the Emporor has no clothes? Smile....

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PressRelease: New Audio Channel Makes FashionAccessible For PeopleWith 

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> FashionAccessible For People With Disabilities
> This is all we know about this currently.
> Contact:
> Laura Legendary
> Co-founder, Fashionability
> USA:  (509) 264-2588
> l.legendary at elegantinsightsjewelry.com
> Emily Davison
> Co-founder, Fashionability
> UK:  (+44) 7541858610
> UK:  (020) 85164981
> fashioneyesta at gmail.com
> New audio channel makes fashion accessible for people with disabilities
> September 19, 2014 - In a partnership dedicated to making information 
> about
> fashion accessible to people who have disabilities, Emily Davison and 
> Laura
> Legendary have created Fashionability, a social media franchise consisting
> of an audio channel on the Audioboo platform, a Facebook group and page, a
> Twitter account, and a blog and RSS feed.  Davison, blogger on the
> Fashioneyesta.com blog based in the UK, and Legendary, designer and owner 
> of
> Elegant Insights Braille Creations, based in the US, joined forces in a 
> very
> stylish collaboration to create an audio guide to accessible style.
> The Fashionability channel aims to cover many aspects of fashion and 
> beauty,
> jewelry and accessories, health and fitness, to provide tips and 
> education,
> as well as to raise awareness about representation of people with
> disabilities in the media.  "I have been campaigning with a team of
> dedicated individuals with the organization Models of Diversity to target
> fashion brands to add models with disabilities to their advertising
> campaigns."  Says Davison.  "there is the fundamental fact that people 
> with
> disabilities are not equally represented in the fashion advertising
> industry. This immediately creates problems for people with disabilities 
> as
> it shows society that disability is not considered to be relevant to 
> fashion
> and thus all these unfair stereotypes occur."
> Content on the Fashionability channel will also be provided by guest
> contributors, people with disabilities who are subject matter experts in a
> variety of fashion-related topics.  One such contributor is the 
> organization
> Living Paintings,
> www.livingpaintings.org
> , based in the UK.
> The Fashionability channel is set to launch on September 19, 2014, and 
> will
> be available via RSS feed and in the Lifestyles category on Audioboo,
> www.audioboo.fm
> .  Plans are also in the works for text transcripts of the
> audio programming, which will be made available on the Fashionability 
> blog.
> "The Fashionability brand will focus on accessibility and inclusion," says
> Legendary.  "When most people think of fashion, or more broadly, style, 
> they
> may think of it only in terms of a visual medium.  The lack of accessible
> information suggests that people with disabilities are somehow less
> interested in looking and feeling their best.  I hope that, with the help 
> of
> Emily and our contributors, we can create a resource inclusive of  all 
> walks
> of life, all ages, all socio-economic strata, all body types and all
> abilities.  I want to provide sensible, approachable, fashion and style
> information that is within reach...of everyone."  For more information, 
> send
> email to
> fashionabilitychannel at gmail.com
> .  Visit the Fashionability Channel
> at
> http://www.audioboo.fm/channel/fashionability
> ###
> About Emily Davison:  Emily Davison is a UK based writer, disability
> campaigner, and journalist who currently writes about fashion on her blog
> fashioneyesta.com which she founded in July 2012-a blog created to enable
> people with sight loss to access fashion and cosmetics.
> About Laura Legendary:  Laura Legendary is a speaker, author, and 
> educator,
> specializing in disability awareness, advocacy, accessibility, and 
> assistive
> technology.  She is also the owner and designer of Elegant Insights 
> Braille
> Creations, a distinctive collection of jewelry and accessories, made in 
> the
> USA, and embossed in Braille.  Visit
> www.elegantinsightsjewelry.com
> .  To
> read Laura's blog, go to Accessible Insights Blog at
> www.accessibleinsights.info/blog
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