[nfbmi-talk] Job - Follow the MONEY

Terry D. Eagle terrydeagle at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 17 11:58:06 UTC 2015

Director Zimmer, Lt. Governor Calley, and Governor Snyder,


Why not a similar job for the governor's directive on employment of persons
with disabilities?


Follow the MONEY!:  This position is responsible for locating another
federal ATM  to raid of funds!  





Job #:   Director 20 

Job Title:   Assistant 

 Closing Date/Time:   Fri. 07/17/15 5:00 PM Eastern Time 

   Salary:   $34.18 - $49.17 hourly

  $2,734.65 - $3,933.54 biweekly

 $71,101.00 - $102,272.00 annually


Job Type:   Permanent Full Time 

 Location:   Lansing, Michigan 

 Department:   Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - LARA 

Job Description 

This position will serve as a staff assistant to the Director of LARA and
work with the Unclassified Director who is head of MONA to assist the
department/state with the governor's initiative to place skilled immigrants
in positions/businesses all over the state.  In addition to setting up a
model for all other department's to use, along with policies, procedures,
this position will work to promote change of inefficient labor markets and
practices that result in employment barriers for skilled immigrants.  It
will develop best practices and resources to educate decision-makers about
skilled immigrants and build awareness that leads to the adoption of more
effective and inclusive practices and policies.  This will directly impact
the skilled immigrants and U.S. employers.  There will be extensive work,
serving as a staff assistant and acting as a liaison between the business
community and immigrants, grant writing to try to gather funds to assist in
this endeavor through the federal government and other agencies.


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