[nfbmi-talk] Guide dog stories

Heather Bowman-Tomlinson heatherbt at mac.com
Tue May 12 01:22:49 UTC 2015

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier, I'm at sports camp this week at WMU. 

The story of my daughter Calli and Q, the youngest pairing ever in the Midwest is a good one. They were paired by MIRA when she was 12. He goes with her to school. When she was 14 she spent 5 weeks on the hospital with a brain bleed. Q visited every day and then stayed at night too when she was allowed to get out of bed after the 4th week. He learned to pull wheelchairs, learned to walk more slowly as she relearned to walk and napped on the bed with her when she was exhausted. When Q was with her, her vital signs improved. 

Here's the link to a story about her recently and one before. 



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