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SILC Liaison Report to MCRS

May 2015


Submitted by: Sara Grivetti, SILC Liaison to MCRS


Duties of SILC:

1)     Jointly develop and sign, in conjunction with the DSU the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL);

2)     Monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of the SPIL;

3)     Ensure the meetings are open to the public;

4)     Submit periodic reports to the Commissioner (i.e. 704 report)

5)     Hold forums, focus groups and hearings to secure public input.


SILC Activities: 


Below are objectives in the SPIL, and status updates, which may have mutual interest to MCRS members.


Objective 3:  Strong collaboration between VR and CILs to promote quality employment outcomes and independence for persons with disabilities.




The CILs and BSBP continue to hold regional summits to discuss services, gaps and services and mechanisms for enhanced collaboration. One remaining summit still needs to occur.


CILs continue to work with MRS and MARO on the Statewide Strategic Programming Council. This council is focused on enhancing statewide service delivery, and the partnerships between CROs, CILs and MRS. The current focus is on implementing the Swift and Sure program and piloting benefits counseling programs. 


The SILC Chair and Executive Director met with MRS Director and Management staff on continued support and implementation of the VR/IL Strategic Alliance.  The mission of the Alliance is to transform our service delivery system into a holistic approach for the employment and independence of individuals with disabilities throughout Michigan.


Objective 9(a):  The Michigan Statewide Independent Living Council members will engage in activities to promote integration and full inclusion of children, youth and adults with disabilities in Michigan.


The CILs have formed a Youth Transition Leadership Group and are brainstorming ideas on how to increase the youth voice in services and advocacy. Long-term there is significant interest in resurrecting the Michigan Youth Leadership Forum in collaboration with other disability organizations.   This group met in May with representations from the Blue Water Center for Independent Living, DD Council, SILC, UCP, MDRC, MPAS and Mi-TOP.


Objective 9(b):  The Transportation Workgroup will engage in discussions about how to improve transportation as a vehicle for providing access to employment and community.  The workgroup will produce an annual report, including suggested improvements, presented on improving transportation.


Status:  The SILC Transportation Workgroup continued to promote it’s annual report.   Council Member Robin Bennett provided public to the Michigan Department of Transportation Commission during their quarterly business meeting.   


Other SILC information:


·        The joint SILC/CIL SPIL Framework design team completed it’s mission of creating a time line and recruitment of a writing team for the 2017-2019 State Plan for Independent Living.

·        In May the Bi-Annual SPIL status report was completed.  It is available for review at http://misilc.org/state-plan-for-independent-living-progress-reports/

·        SILC staff met with the director of the Capital Area Center for Independent Living for logistic planning on holding a public forum at that center for the purposes of community needs information and input into the State Plan for Independent Living. 

·        On Friday May 1st Chris Simmons started his position as the new SILC Director of Systems Advocacy.  Chris was selected for his position after meeting with the interview team composed of two CIL Directors, Council Members and the SILC Executive Director.  Christian W. (Chris) Simmons comes to the SILC from private consulting, where he worked with transportation organizations on program design and advocacy agendas that bridged the public and private sectors.  He has previously been the Director, Government Relations (State and Local) for vRide, a private provider of public transportation by vanpool.  In this role, he was responsible for legislative issues in all 50 states along with corporate compliance with federally-funded transportation projects.  Prior to vRide, he held various positions with state and local government in Washington State.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Augustana College (IL) and a Juris Doctor from St. Louis University.


Chris and his wife, Jenny, are the proud adoptive parents of two children, one with high-functioning autism and one born addicted, as well as two fur kids.  Chris has a number of mantras that he applies to his daily work, the most apt for this position being “celebrate incremental progress”.  He is excited to help the Council create, celebrate, and share those incremental successes.



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