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This was a closed meeting!

Moreover amonst other items note the tacit admission by BSBP that it is still working on making materials accessable to the blind!

What a sick and pathetic joke this is!

May 7, 2015

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Lansing


SILC Members: Robin Bennett, Kellie Boyd, Lisa Cook-Gordon, Dominic Dennis, Sara Grivetti, Miranda Grunwell, Dawn Reamer, Michael Hamm, Wanda Travis, Diana Maddox

SILC Staff: Rodney Craig, Chris Simmons

Guests: Leamon Jones, Jim Whalen, Cheryl Pezon.




K. Boyd welcomed Council members and guests, introductions were made.






•       FY 2014-2016 State Plan for Independent Living Monitoring Report was reviewed.

•       There are 9 objectives in the plan. Each objective has various indictors to ensure objectives are being met or falling short. 

•       R. Craig reviewed each objective.

•       Objective 1:  Michigan’s CILs will operate in accordance with federal standards and assurances is in compliance. 

•       Objective #2: Michigan Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment (CSNA) and develop a plan to address the needs identified. This objective has been completed.

•       Objective #3:  Objective 3:  Collaboration between VR and CILs to promote quality employment outcomes and independence for persons with disabilities. Objective on target and almost completed. The PASREP Program changed from AACIL to DN/MM. This is the first time in many years that PASREP has open slots available.

•       Objective 4:  Continue to develop relationships with the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and the state Office of Services to the Aging to identify future needs & develop a formal referral process. Objective is on target with measurable indicators. 

•       Objective 5:  Statewide outreach activities to blind or VI Native Americans are enhanced in order to provide IL services to the population. Objective is on target and progressing and doing outreach to this community.

•       Objective 6:  Finalize approved Policies & Procedures by BSBP. BSBP continues to work to making all material accessible.  

•       Objective 7:  Unified statewide voice is built to educate State and Federal legislators, program officials, and the general public regarding disability issues. SILC has hired a Systems Advocacy Director, WIOA updates are being reviewed. A lot of work has been done on this objective.

•       Objective 8: Michigan’s CILs, in collaboration with Michigan’s disability and aging service providers, will build a stronger partnership to enhance streamlined services that promotes access to quality health care and community living. Objective is in process, regional forums are being done.  

•       Objective 9:  The Michigan Statewide Independent Living Council members will engage in activities to promote integration and full inclusion of children, youth and adults with disabilities in Michigan. Objective is making process, not a lot of activity with think tanks and the Common Disability Agenda (CDA) currently C. Simmons is the new Systems Advocacy Director and will take the lead in updating the CDA. 

•       Overall: Number of Objectives: 9         Total amount of Measurable Indicators:  27              Year Two Objectives that are on Target:  9                                                                          Year Two Measurable Indicators on Target:  25                                                                   Year Two SPIL Objectives with no action:  2  (Think Tanks & Common Disability Agenda)                                                                                                                                      Year Two SPIL Objectives with a baseline establishment:  0, baselines established 



·        Ways that SILC can engage more with the IL community – partner in the IL Summit, ADA Celebration in September, and the Youth Leadership Forum. 

·        Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) – is an opportunity for youth (about 20 students with disabilities) in Michigan to come together for a week at a college campus to do a series of activities: learn disability rights and history, communication, self-advocacy, legislative component held at the state Capitol, a resource day with providers to for youth and parents. Looking to educate and include state partners in this forum. Need to look at including YLF in the FY2017-19 SPIL and the updated Common Disability Agenda. 

·        ADA Celebration – 25th Anniversary is this year, the celebration will be held on September 17th on the lawn of the State Capitol. The committees are working diligently. It’s going to be very exciting, there will be vendors, food, entertainment and speakers. SILC members are engaged in some of the committees, SILC is covering the costs of the NCIL Executive Director to come and speak and is a sponsor for this event.

·        IL Summit is being discussed. Possible project that SILC should consider moving forward. It could be themed, we couldn’t do everything in one summit. We will include BSBP in future discussions.

·        S. Grivetti described the opportunity around the "access Michigan" app under development, its design is to show the accessibility levels of buildings, parks, restaurants and public places around the state.



·        Last November we held a joint SILC/CIL Visioning Session and at the February 2015 SILC Council Quarterly Business Meeting it was approved/accepted. The overarching themes that emerged from the strategic visioning process were: Creating a common vision for Independent Living (IL) in Michigan; developing joint strategies for resource development to enhance IL services and advocacy efforts; create an enhanced communication strategy for SILC & Disability Network/Michigan, strengthen the relationship between SILC & the CIL Network to facilitate the accomplishment of our joint efforts. 

·        May progress report – Hired Chris Simmons as the Director of Systems Advocacy, working with others getting MYLF restarted, R. Craig attending CIL Directors meetings regularly, C. Simmons involved with CIL Public Policy meetings, Leadership meetings, and Council members working with CIL staff on ADA Celebration committees.  




·        Lt. Governor and Chief Justice Bernstein completed a tour of Michigan to promote hiring people with disabilities.  CILs were in attendance at several of the events 

·        Chief Justice Bernstein is the first blind Chief Justice in the state of Michigan. 




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