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Wed Nov 11 01:01:04 UTC 2015

[[Hi Jordyn, 
I am so glad you sent this message so I could get your email address.  

I hope you are doing well and I am so excited about your new job at Apple.  I spoke with Larry Posont on Sunday and man is he ever going to miss you in the Michigan affiliate.  

I wanted to contact you about a month ago, because I had the opportunity to work on a lawsuit involving the Dorchester Hospitality company and its inaccessible websites.  Dorchester owns a whole bunch of luxury hotels and resorts. Their sites are partially accessible but that is it.  I had hoped that you might be interested in working on the case (and getting paid of course). 
 Unfortunately I think the window has closed and maybe you would not have wanted to do such a thing anyway, but I just could not think of anyone more qualified for such a tas, and thought the work could all be done before you started at Apple.  

I am not sure why I am telling you this now ... I guess I wanted you to know that I thought of you and I still believe you would have been the very best person in the country to take on such a job.  Besides the pay would have been quite nice...probably $250 an hour or more.  

When do you graduate officially?  If Doug and I still lived in Michigan, we would be there for sure!  Our son Edward graduates from the University of Nebraska on December 19th.  Gosh what an incredibly awesome time this must be for you. 

Sending you so many good thoughts, hugs, kudo's and congratulations.

Boone Christine Sent from my iPhone

On Nov 10, 2015, at 12:33 PM, Jordyn Castor via nfbmi-talk <nfbmi-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I had a blast at this year's convention. This was the largest group of students I've seen at a state convention in a while which is super exciting. .

I'd also like to congratulate our new Michigan Association of Blind Students board:
President: Jeff Crouch
Vice President: Donna Posont
Secretary: Elizabeth Dunn
Treasurer: JJ Meddaugh
Board Members: Alexander Dalipagic, Cheryl Stahl, Osman Koroma, and Tyler Zahnke

I'm really looking forward to all our student division will be accomplishing this year.

Please keep in touch everyone! I'm only a phone call, tweet, or email away, and I'll definitely be back to visit!

> On Nov 10, 2015, at 9:40 AM, Larry Posontt via nfbmi-talk <nfbmi-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hello Fellow Federationists,
> I wish to congratulate you all on a great convention.  There was more
> participation than I have seen in a long time, especially the great interest
> in running for election.  You are showing that we are working on those
> things you see as important to blind people in our state and that you wish
> to work to help other blind people live the lives we want.
> I wish to send special thanks to Dave Robinson and Sarah Norwood for their
> service to our board Their participation and contributions have made a
> difference.  Knowing these folks as I do, I know they will be right in there
> contributing and working as they always have.
> Special congratulations to Derek Moor, Dianna Mohnke, Mary Wurtzel, Melinda
> Latham and Fred Wurtzel on your election to our 2015-16 NFB of Michigan
> Board of Directors.  We have a lot on our plate and everyone's input and
> involvement will be needed to continue to grow our affiliate and make a
> difference for blind people in our state.  I am expecting our board to be
> positive, dynamic and hard-working this year and next.  I have great
> confidence in your dedication energy, creativity and willingness to roll up
> your sleeves and work on the many issues before us.
> I will be appointing committees for the 2015-16 year.  We have some
> traditional standing committees..  They are:
> Legislation - This year we will be working on our resolution to have
> oversight hearings regarding the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons.  Our
> resolutions call for a return to a Commission structure.  There are other
> matters which will call for our legislative vigilance which this committee
> will need to work on.  This is a "boots on the Ground committee" which will
> need to spend time in the halls of the Anderson and Romney buildings meeting
> legislators  and building relationships.  This committee will need to
> coordinate with members to work with their legislators to assist in passing
> our legislation.  If you like traveling to Lansing, meeting state
> representatives and senators and explaining our needs for legislation we
> need you.  This work takes patience, a smile and a knack for policy.  If
> this describes you, please let me know.
> Fundraising - Of course, no organization can operate without money.  We need
> money to get people to Lansing, educate the public, provide training and
> information to blind citizens and a myriad of other activities.  If you like
> entrepreneurial activities, meeting people, finding creative ideas for
> fundraising, we need you.  We need to raise lots of money if we are going to
> accomplish our very ambitious goals for 2016.
> Membership - We are attracting new people.  We need to attract more.  There
> are thousands of blind people who have never heard of our organization.
> Many of them need us to help them accomplish their goals and dreams.  We
> need new members to help us make Michigan the best state to be blind.  We
> need creative, friendly and outgoing people to reach out to the community
> and build the Federation here in Michigan.
> We have some committees which have not functioned recently and are needed to
> meet our needs this year.  They are:
> Youth Outreach - Fred Wurtzel was appointed Youth Outreach Coordinator last
> August.  He needs a crew of fun-loving, energetic people who are interested
> in helping young blind people and their families dream of their futures and
> then go out and make those dreams come true.  If you like action, fun and
> are willing to share your mentorship with young people, please let me know.
> Special Events - J.J. is our point person on convention arrangements and
> Washington Seminar.  This year we are anticipating a statewide Walk-a-thon
> fundraising event in the Spring in Grand Rapids.  We will need people to
> assist in lots of logistical activities to make these and other events fun,
> attractive and successful.  If you like organizing, welcoming and creating
> exciting and fun events, please let me know.
> Communication - In the 21st century there are more channels of communication
> than ever before.  Information is still difficult to get to everyone when
> they need it.  We need you if you are interested in spreading the word about
> our organization to our members and to the public.  We need you if you like
> talking on the phone, managing a Twitter account, keeping a Facebook page
> up-to-date and even sending out information through the mail (I'm sure you
> have heard of mail).  If you feel we need better communication and you have
> creative ideas please let me know.
> If you have other ideas for our organization or think we need other
> committees, please call me at 313-727-3546 and talk to me.  Together we will
> find a way to work on your particular passion.
> Sincerely,
> Larry Posont, President
> National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
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